Paradisus Day 7: Walk out to the Family Concierge Beach, Downtown Playa del Carmen, Lobster Buffet, Karaoke

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Today we will see downtown Playa Del Carmen


But first a walk out to the beach

There are so many places here to just sit and relax


Mental note...  come back here to sit and read.

We never did that, but this would have been a nice place to do it.

Video: Swing View


Holly leads the way back to The Market for lunch

The Guac bowl gets bigger every day

Downtown Playa Del Carmen


It's touristy, but fun

I abandoned the family for a while and got a massage


When I found them about 90 minutes later


It was in an outdoor patio cafe


Video: Playa Lunch


I think this was the only meal we paid for on the whole trip

Pretty pictures in the city


Next to the wall of a club on the way out to the beach

Walking down the beach that fronts the town

Some of the hotels right on the beach here in town


Video: Playa Beaches


Heading back up to go buy some stuff

Anya gets distracted by these chickens

Alan gets distracted by this window full of beer

At home Leonardo has tiny cupcakes waiting for us!

And little balloon mice with a tale to tell

Anya shows off some coral she found

Then we had dinner at Naos for a grilled shrimp and lobster buffet.  I literally sent the family back to the room after an hour or so since I knew I wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon.

Video: Karaoke

A beautiful night walk back to the room.


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