Paradisus Day 6: Jungle Maya, Repelling into a Cenote, Ziplines, Cave Snorkeling, Pre-Columbian Mayan Walled City of Tulum, Concierge Octopus and Treats, Dinner at Olio, Belly Dancers, The Jersey Boys

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Jungle Maya day!

First a shuttle ride

Then we arrive for a morning of ziplining, repelling, cave snorkling!

Some of the places we will experience today!

So amazing!

I snorkeled in this cave!

From shuttle to Jungle Rover

First adventure!

Alan and Sasha repel down into an underground cave!

It's a long way down!

This was super cool

And into the splash we go

Holly has to go solo

Sasha did not want to do it

Holly drops down to meet us at the bottom

Video: Zipline 1

Video: Zipline 2

Video: Zipline 3

We are zipline pros at this point in history

It's just how we travel in Mexico now!

Video: Water Zipline 1

Video: Water Zipline 2


Down in the cave

look at how crazy cool this place is!

The photo guy made sure we executed all the requisite poses

Then we did them all again with Holly!

Adventure Family!

This was our adventure crew before we went snorkling

A nimble leap into the cave pool

splashdown in 3...2...1


Anya looks before she leaps

For a moment she just walked on the water

Anya and Holly pose but do not make the jump

Lunchtime!  Anya enjoys a large helping of shredded carrots

We arrive at the Tulum archeological site


A tribute to Yucca farmers

Following our guide Arturio

This part was a bit rushed

But it was a long walk

And a VERY hot day

This photo was taken seconds before I clocked my head on the stone wall entry to the site

Video: Tulum


The ruins of Tulum

We learned that the temples had stone roofs

And the houses were thatched

In this second photo you can see why this city was here, that break in the reef

Arturio points out that the natural break in the reef allowed for ship traffic and trade

And everything here centered around that trade

Gum was one of the products traded

This would be a home, see...  no roof


Anya and an iguana getting some sun

One of the temples

A quick family photo.  Arturio waited until there were not tourists in the background to spoil the shot

Here you can see some of the figures carved into the structures

The main god honored at Tulum is the "diving god," or "Descending God," depicted on several buildings as an upside-down figure above doorways.

This large field was a marketplace


And this is Holly in one of her floppy sunhats!

The castle is the most famous structure

Arturio points out more architectural embellishments

Including some bloody handprints

This was a shot inside one of the buildings of some actual painting from the period

Looking down toward the beach at Tulum

There were about 1000 steps down to the water

Only Sasha and Alan ventured down

Sasha at the beach of Tulum

A look back up at the cliffs


Another lizard waits for us at the top

Hiking out to the other side

Each side of Tulum was partitioned with these long stone walls

Sasha throwing poses in her floppy hat

The whole floppy hat crew at Tulum!

Tulum was pretty amazing


I'm glad we chose to visit this site.


Grabbing a beer for the road.  I think this was the only Corona that I had on this visit to Mexico!

Kids passed out on the way home


Sasha regains consciousness

After a super fun and hot day

We arrive back at the room with a nice bubble bath and octo-balloons waiting for us

Leonardo is perfecto!

Into the bubble tub!

Chocomilk and peach nectar

A nice way to relax after a long day of adventures

Olio a Trattoria where you will enjoy traditional flavors, combined with an Italian ambiance creating a touch of sophistication. 

And you get warm bread in little bags!

Another amazing feast


The end of a long fun amazing day

What could be better?

Oh.... An Arabian belly dancing show!  There's always that!

Video: Belly Dancers 1

Video: Belly Dancers 2

Video: Belly Dancers 3

Video: Belly Dancers 4

Video: Belly Dancers 5


Video: Jersey Boys



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