Paradisus Day 5: Patio Hot Tub and Swim-Up Pool, Foam Party!, Lunch at The Market, Family Concierge Pool + Lizards and Coati, More from The Room, Dinner at Bana Fusion, El Mariachi

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Taking a soak in the balcony hot tub

Back and forth from swim up balcony to hot tub

This is the semi-private pool outside of our room

These photos are taken from the balcony out into our pool!

Tubing and Tubbing

How have we ever existed this long without a hot tub swim up balcony?

Holly and Anya float on

Sasha tosses the Waboba ball right at the camera

As we played, we started to notice bubbles flying over from the main pool area

FOAM PARTY !!!!!!!!!!

Video: Foam Party 1

Video: Foam Party 2

Video: Foam Party 3

Video: Foam Party 4


So much foam


So much fun

Photos from outside the foam zone

Foam frenzy

Fanatics of foam


Photos from inside the foam zone

Recovering from the days foaming

Lunch time!

Our favorite restaurant for lunch was called The Market

An exquisite selection of natural salads are the highlight of the menu at the Rodizzio grill, which has a wood-fired stove for pizzas and a captivating outdoor terrace

Fancy foods!  Yum!

Video: Pool


In and under the pool

Selfie at one of the cabana lounges

Then the lizards attacked

Holly occupies one of the Bali beds

Then we were over-run by Coatis

They came to steal our pool snacks

Reading by the pool as the children play with the wile jungle beasts


All was well

Until this one went bipedal and the Coati uprising began.  Planet of the Coati


Giant Dragonflies and a folktale.  Also little mouse cakes!

Video: Shower 1

Video: Shower 2

Some random shots of the room in use.

The kitchenette and one of the many closets

Anya taking advantage of the unlimited snacks and treats in the minifridge

Sushi Dinner at Bana Fusion


This became our favorite dinner resturant

Sushi deserts!


Video: Mariachi


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