Paradisus Day 3: Xplor Eco Park, Zip Lining, ATV Jungle Drive, Cave Rafting, Zip Hammocks, Lunch Buffet, More Ziplines with Water Slides, Scavenger Hunt, Concierge Lounge, Dinner at Naos

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A rare early morning on vacation

Heading out for a day at Explor Eco Park


Our first time outside of Paradisus

This is not what all of Playa Del Carmen looks like


But for some reason the area right outside of the resort is very dilapidated

Anyway...  On to Explor!


Checking in and getting out helmets


Walking through the underground caves to the heart


Learning and growing


The park map



At the lockers, dropping off our non-essential gear before heading out

The heart of Riviera Maya

We decided to start the day with the biggest tallest longest ziplines

It was raining but that did not seem to phase these parrots

Heading up to the top of the tower

At this point, Sasha's courage broke.  She could not go through with it.  Holly and Sasha walked back down while Anya and I forged onward and up. 
(Incidentally, Sasha's rebellion sparked a revolt among others in line too as they also stood up against their peer pressuring friends and relatives and headed back down the stairs.)

It turns out Sasha made the right decision, because even though for the months leading up to the trip we had told the kids that they could do the ziplining in tandem while attached to us, when Anya and I reached the precipice, we were told that I was too big for Anya to ride with me.  Holly had already gone down with Sasha, so Anya had no one to ride with.  148 feet above the jungle, as a storm began to pelt us with rain, Anya had to make an insane decision.  To jump solo from the tower and zipline out into oblivion... She jumped.  Anya is amazing.

Video: Zipline 1

Video: Zipline 2

Video: Zipline 3


Anya always went first but I would always beat her to the end.  The zipline course goes from tower to tower for about a dozen circuits.

At many of the landing zones Anya was too light to make it to the end.  So one of the guys manning the tower would have to scoot out on the line to reel her in.

Heading up to the top of another tower

Thumbs up for the next run and then heading up the stairs to yet another

Secure and gone.  Anya zips!

Crossing the bridge out to the giant tower


Up, up, up we go!


Viva Mexico!

Me and Anya at the top before I threw her down this cenote.  (Just kidding)

Taking a cart ride to our last zip on this course, which landed us in the water.

Video: Jungle Car 1

Video: Jungle Car 2

Here we are driving the ATV course through the jungle!



Back at the heart for some family pics


Down in one of the dino caves


Heading over to the cave rafting


Sasha and Alan paired up on one raft

Holly and Anya on the other

One team made it through without incident.  The other team did not. 

Sasha took these photos from her vantage point at the front of our raft.

Long after we docked, Holly and Anya finally made it back to port.  Their ordeal was not ideal.

Slippery floors, ha!

At the hammock ziplines!

Video: SwingZip

These were so fun we just ran around in circles and rode them like 3 times in a row!


Anya and Holly


Alan and Anya.  Sasha did not want to do it.


BAck at the lockers to dry off, then lunch!


A pretty good buffet for a Eco park


Giant salads


Wet parents

fun deserts

Anya playing in some cool pools while Sasha finds some siesta hammocks

For the afternoon, Anya takes Holly on the shorter but faster ziplines

They got a waterslide at the end of theirs!  No fair!

Splashdown into a cave


These were the most fun landings

Meanwhile Sasha and Alan take another drive through the jungle and cavves

Sasha practices her favorite pose of the summer

And on the last photo, she finally nails it!

That was an super-fun day, and when we returned Leonardo had an amazing treasure hunt all set up for the kids!

Anya wanders the room.  One clue leads to another.

Each one brings her closer to the treasure

Searching and searching

Chocolate gold coins!  Hurray!


Anya poses with her loot and the clues


These were fun and not too easy, so that was cool.


Over at the family concierge snack bar


and tequila bar!

Back at Naos buffet for dinner

That was an incredible day.  Absolutely amazing.


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