Paradisus Day 2: Father Day Breakfast at Olio, All the Pools, Lunch at The Market, Kid Zone Euro Bungee, Dinner at Bana Teppanyaki

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Checking out the grounds of the resort.

Breakfast at Olio, next to the Family Concierge pool.

It's Father's Day in Mexico!

What should we eat for breakfast?


Alan loves these little honey jars with his tea.


Anya is a waffler.

Father's Day in Paradise.

Meeting Leonardo, our private concierge.

Leonardo is so friendly and helpful with anything we need.

Anya loves being able to swim up to the pool bar and order herself smoothies whenever she wants.

Playing in the Family Concierge pool.

This blow-up slide was set up in the kids' pool across the resort.

I don't know who this happy kid is (her name was Harper), but Anya and Sasha are swimming behind her.

Kids' pool had slides and sharks and even . . .



Anya brought her giant blow-up whale that she got in Cape Cod last year.  Everywhere she went, other kids gazed on in wonder and envy.

Underwater swimmers

Koi pond

Random iguanas everywhere


At our favorite lunch spot, The Market.

Holly getting ready to order asparagus risotto -- yum!

Area outside Gabi Club

More views of resort grounds


Sasha loves guacamole and salad at The Market


While we were at lunch, Leonardo brought cake and champagne to celebrate my birthday -- which was six months ago, but he knew this trip was my present from the family. 
Note -- Alan loved the cake so much that Leonardo did the same thing for Alan a few days later!


With a nice note attached

Alan found little white chocolate cake thing addicting.


Kids go to check out the Euro-bugee at the kids' zone.

Anya finds flowering trees

Father's Day "Lion King" pose

Kids' area at the back of resort

Relaxing room



Video Clip: Euro Bungie 1


Video Clip: Euro Bungie 2

It's a trampoline . . .

Video Clip: Euro Bungie 3

It's a bungee cord . . .

Video Clip: Euro Bungie 4

It's complete madness!

Video Clip: Euro Bungie 6

Sasha wants to try, too.

Nope . . . too high . . .


The turtles are much more relaxing.


Alan polishes off champagne bottle #1.

At the teppanyaki grill in Bana Restaurant.

The chef did the most amazing teppanyaki show we had ever been to!


Holly and Anya at the end of another great day.


Video Clip: Pre-Hispanic show


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