Paradisus Day 1: Heading down to Playa del Carmen, Arrival at Paradisus, The Room & Dinner at Naos

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Ready to get on a plane to Mexico!

Happy Holly hasn't left Kindle Fire on plane yet



Yucatan Peninsula through the window of the plane.


Immigration line at Mexican airport was like a roller coaster maze with no ride at the end.

But once we were out, we had a very comfortable transfer van, and the driver gave us cold lemonade for the 45 minute drive to Playa del Carmen.

Arriving at the Paradisus Esmeralda Resort.

They drove us in a golf cart to the Family Concierge check-in lounge.


Family Concierge reception building.


We get our fancy macramé and wooden bracelets -- no plastic wristbands for us

At our suite -- refrigerator has already been stocked with our favorite treats -- Anya ate at least one bag of M&M's every day of the trip.  The treats and drinks were constantly replenished with anything we asked for!

Coffee and espresso machines.  Living room area.

Swim-out balcony with our own pool access right outside the door.

Giant Jacuzzi tub on balcony.  Two separate double sliding glass doors to balcony.

Bedroom with very comfy king-size bed and lots of pillows.

Sliding frosted glass door to bathroom #1.

Double rain shower with handheld showers as well.  The shower itself was larger than Sasha and Anya's entire bathroom!

Sink area in bathroom #2.


A delighted Alan showing off his old-timey camera.

More living room and kitchenette pictures -- it really was awesome.


Standing on our balcony


Sitting on our balcony -- The little couch is at the opposite end from the Jacuzzi.


Everything was pretty here.


Relaxing after long day at airports and on planes.


Giant tub in bathroom #1.  Holly and Sasha loved this!

All of these toiletries and beach bag were just waiting for us when we arrived.


The kids loved that tiny toothpaste, for some reason.


Anya on the chaise lounge outside our door.

Cool artsy sculpture and couches for lounging around were everywhere at the resort.

Coatis!  All over the place!

Coatis are kind of a South American raccoon-like animal that look a bit like monkeys.  We called them "monkey raccoons".

The protected mangrove jungle around the resort is lush and full of wildlife.

Our first night, we ate dinner at the Naos Buffett.


Lots of good choices for everyone, and open until 11 p.m. every night -- so we could pop in for a snack or ice-cream whenever we wanted.

The coconut ice cream was my all-time favorite.

Alan loved having all-you-can-eat seafood.

Sasha and I thought these pre-cut mangoes were great.


It was fun to just pick up a strawberry-mango daiquiri on the way back to the room.

Turn-down service came while we were at dinner.

A coati just hanging out in the hallway.


Alan sipping his drink on the balcony before going to bed -- day 1 success!


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