July 2017: Back to the Beach, Sasha's New Room, 4th of July, Anya's Birthday, Go Karts, Bumperboats & Arcade, Fancy Foods at Alan's Work Meetings, Alan Goes to Atlanta, Anya's New Room, Comic Camp!, Sasha's Birthday, Sasha Art, Berry Picking

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Our favorite access point at North Beach

Overcast, but the water is warm!


And Boogie Boarding!

The end of the work from home era

Alan's office begins to transform into Sasha's Bedroom

Out to lunch at a cool place in Norfolk.  On their back patio we found many kittens!

Inside, some rock-em sock-em robots while we waited

Poke bowls!

Sasha's cool artsy photo out front.

Painting all the trim

And... done.  One room down.  One more to go!

Firework Fantasia on the 4th with friends from work

Quite the arsenal

peeking at the chickens

nature trails and sparklers

Games then glowstix


And the rockets red glare


Video clip: Fireworks!

A gift when Anya got back from the hospital from Grandma & Grandpa Fisher

She named him Hospy!

Anya's birthday week begins with a Japanese hibachi feast

Some swinging after dinner

And tree climbing

Birthday donuts and presents!

Signage greeted Anya on her big day

First present a jar of maraschino cherries!  Woo hoo!

A large print copy of Alice in Wonderland

Cards and cash!

And a Sharper Image suitcase billiards table!

Pool sharks

Time for a super happy fun afternoon at the Go Kart Track!

Video: Go karting 1

Video: Go karting 2

Video: Go karting 3


Video: Go karting 4

Bumper Boating!


Video: Bumper Boat 1

Video: Bumper Boat 2

Video: Bumper Boat 3

Video: Bumper Boat 4

Some Fro-yo

Then on to the arcade!

Giant Space Invaders


This game was awesome but only lasts about 1 minute.


Video: Pac Man!

Alan takes the top score on Galaga and puts up Anya's initials for her birthday!

Video: Galaga High Score 1

Video: Galaga High Score 2

Skee Ball !

Video: Hoop Dreams

The kids love this ball drop game

Video: Ball Drop

Pricking out prizes, caught by the Chinese, and whapping paratroopers with tennis rackets

Video: Paratroopers


Anya joins the Zissou society


Work meeting at a fancy hotel in Norfolk


2 days of amazing food

Team building activities

Lunch buffet

My lunch!

Cool art at the hotel

Really nice hors d'oeuvres and appetizers


The spread was amazing and a French martini

Breakfast the next morning


More food and then some meeting

Then back to more food


and more food


and mini smoothies!


And finally dinner with my team!


Checking out the new web slinger

Walking through the forest in the backyard at work

One of the walking paths

Turtle zone!

Alan get's sent to Atlanta for work

Cab ride from the airport

  The sights of Atlanta

My hotel room

At the college and in the Tech hub

Street art


Alan in the Tech Center


A cool pub for lunch

Lobby refreshments

Gone with the Wind history

More Atlanta art

Some neat local color

The giant park in the middle of the city

This looked like a super fun playground

You can play on the art!


Nice view.  Pretty walking paths

Sweet tea at the Flying Biscuit

Escorpion Mexican restaurant

Dinner with Tim, Mike and Daniel


Drinks and a mexifeast

Mezcal taster flight


Meeting at the Innovation Studio

A really cool modern studio

It would be awesome to work here everyday


This can be my chair

Storyboard art by Alan

Lunch before the plane with my really nice bosses


Later Lanta!

Child labor is fun!

Putting the final touches on Anya's new room!

Anya has her own bedroom for the first time ever!

All the toys have migrated to her room

AKA The Fun Room!

Sasha and Anya were supposed to go to a theater writing camp at TCC

It ended up being a comic book writing summer camp, which was also fun and in their wheelhouse

Ministry of Silly Walks on the last day of camp

Sasha turns 13!  A Teenager!

New pop-socket

A cool vintage Russian badge from the antique shop (Looks like the logo for the musical Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812

Catherine, Anya and Holly celebrate Sasha's Birthday !

Dinner at Hell's Kitchen in Norfolk

Then a fun performance of Grease!


Meeting the cast after the show!


A random sampling of Sasha's artwork from this year





More birthday presents!

Fancy markers to create more art!

Blueberry picking with Katherine

This was a beautiful little farm

They had a nice Blueberry patch

National Geographic-quality photo of a dragonfly

The only problem with this berry patch was all of the berries close to the ground were picked


So you had to reach for them!

Later that day Holly and I remembered it was also our 23rd Anniversary!

We both forget, practically every year, for the last 13 years

Berry bounty and a home made cake

Sasha and Katherine baked it themselves!

Anya samples the berries


Birthday Video: Happy Birthday!  Zissou shirt!

This was another cool present from the antique shop


Sasha had seen this at the shop back in January.  She ended up buying a hat instead, so I ran back and got it for her the next day.

Cake n berries!

Birthday viewing of Akira!



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