January 2017: The Blizzard, Last Gamenight with Hansens, Frozen Bubbles, Alan at Work, Anya Hamilton, First scoot at the park.

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The Great Blizzard of 2017

Blizzard Video 1

Blizzard Video 2

Blizzard Video 3

Blizzard Video 4

Blizzard Video 5

Blizzard Video 6

After about 15 minutes they got too cold and came back in.

LIke most families, we decided to ride out the blizzard by watching a movie about a family that goes crazy while trapped in a blizzard.


A goodbye gamenight and dinner with the Hansen's before the move back to Michigan

Playing with Presley and Baby Hazel

We combined like 6 editions of Trivial Pursuit (but the Star Wars version was heavily favored)

Blowing bubbles below freezing


Ice Bubbles Video 1


Ice Bubbles Video 2

Ice Bubbles Video 3

This little bubble lasted for about 45 minutes on the bush!

Alan spends 2 Days of Lego Training at work


With all you can eat buffets!

What a fun job I have

Our Agile project was to create the medical center for our little future society

Everyone combining their work

Our Kids Cove City of the Future!

Heading to the movies to see La La Land

Grandpa walking around after surgery.  Sasha waiting for Mommy to return from Michigan.

Anya dressed up like Alexander Hamilton on Spirit Week Hat Day


What's your name kid?

She's not throwing away her shot (to go to school dressed like Hamilton!)

Winter storms raise the roof!

Frosted Tiny Sugar Cupcake Alien Weekend Party!

Scooting at Mt. Trashmore

Showing off the new wheels to the kids from the hood


A weird little shrine that Anya left behind to mark the occasion.


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