February 2017: A Summer Day at Trashmore, Charity Bowling, Tour of Sasha's New School

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A crazy warm winter day at Mt Trashmore

Anya wanted to "do" everything

So she did!

Some work friends invited me to a 8-Pin Tap Charity Bowling Event.  I did pretty good!

The Pin Pals!  Alan, Mike , Cristal & Mike

A really cool display for the Ghost in the Shell film next month


After 2+ Years.  We finally get to see the inside of Sasha's new school!

It still needs some finishing touches, but it is pretty impressive

Views from the grand foyer

Display cases and some kid in the lobby

Walking tour begins.  Looking down on the cafeteria from a balcony hallway.  A peek into a couple classrooms.

Cool new water fountains with water bottle fill-up stations!

Looking down one of the grand stairwells

The gym and fitness center

Some fancy art and the little theater

The auditorium

Sasha and Allie were VERY excited about the auditorium

An outdoor art classroom on one of the 2nd story patios

A look down at the ball courts and then at one of the rooftop gardens

Dance studios

Nature conservatory, stellar cartography and the language lab

Lockers and more classrooms

Sasha & Allie playing in some rolly spinney desks over by the elevator


In the library before the books arrive

This is the great skyway.  One of the most exciting designs that we have watched with anticipation during construction


Looking from the skyway back into the different wings of the building

Views from the skyway down onto the outdoor amphitheater

Then in the other direction over the courtyard gardens and out to the road


Walking around the amphitheater


Heading over toward the stage

Practicing their Shakespeare in the park

And finally a tour of the several playgrounds for the younger students.

All in all a pretty impressive new school!


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