December 2017:  Tree Trimming, Holly's Birthday & Christmas!

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Anya assembles the tree


  And gets it all lit and ready


Then Sasha and Holly join for the ornamenting

As the TV shows us Christmas specials

Christmas Cat

Assembling the Charlie Brown Tree too!

Random mustache guy joins the family


This was for a Magnum PI costume contest at work the next week, but it's now forever part of our family photo history

Some nice pics without the mustache guy

Sasha and Professor Cupcake


Sasha and Megan at a Christmas Concert in Norfolk

Leaf Jump 1 & Leaf Jump 2


Ornament delivery!


Grandma & Grandpa delivered the good again


Nice ornaments and maple candy for Alan!

Holly's Birthday Pumpkin Pie

Happy Birthday Video


A little present Anya got me at the school store.

Sasha and her friend Winter handing out concert programs


The choir concert


Sasha decided she wanted to wear a tux


After show birthday dinner with Mommy!

Birthday drink!

Hibachi!  Video


and desert!

Present time!

A cool Veep T-shirt

A new Dutch Oven

A crepe maker!

And Crepe mix

A birthday girl


And a tiny version of Centipede arcade!

Alan and some friends from work say Goodbye to Jose


Holly's birthday pedicure


Was also Alan's first time getting one!

Mmmmm Warm towel and leg massage

Then a beautiful blue polish!  Classy!


Birthday lunch at PF Changs

Mmmmmmm.  Grilled Salmon

Sasha & Alan's annual Star Wars school night movie premier

Geared up and ready!

Anya tries to sink my battleship.  Free Holiday lunch at work!

Driving up to Michigan


A lunch break

A neat outlet mall playground

Video 1 & Video 2

A child sized habitrail

Anya sleds down Mt. Fisher

A daring ride from top to bottom

and out into the sidewalk

That hat looks cute, but it would look better on someone else we know!

Thumb wrestling while Anya scopes some early presents

The Christmas Eve feeding of the Wild Things


Bundled up like Randy Parker (Christmas Trivia)


Anya sprinkles leavings for the beasts

Mark still marches for the women 12 months later.

Snow Teens were sighted deep in the forrest

Back at home with all the dough

Decorating the Christmas cookies

An Aquabat and a Dinosaur

Some glammy glitter

Cookie sweatshop


Sasha gets swirly

A Boid!

This was a Chibi of me until Sasha added the hair and clothes

On pins

Christmas Eve PJ Party

Video clip

PJ'd up and ready for Santa

Video clip

The stockings were hung from the railing with care


Santa gobbled up all the cookies and vodka

Holly takes first watch

While she is crushing candy, Santa swoops in and leaves new Vans and a hoverboard

As well as Musical literature, D&D manuals, and accordion and Les MIs tickets!

Wow!   Thanks Santa!

The first chicken of the morning peeps it's head around the corner

Then the mad rush for presents begins

Video Clip


Chicken finds her accordian

Theater Bear finds her trove of play books

Hover Unicorn hovers

I dreamed a dream that I would see Les Mis

Chicken wants to play D&D!!!!!!

Alexa dots!  Now the government can hear what we're doing in literally every room of the house!

More presemnts!


An Osprey team shirt

Bear purse for Bear

Max Brooks Minecraft The Island

That calls for some accordion music

D&D REmix + Sticker bomb

Chicken sox and sister hugs

Hatsume graphic novel

The Balloons again


A Gift for Holly


New PJS and a new bathrobe

Little Fishers and Big Fishers give each other things

Kids got Daddy high-end cracker jack


The Chicken sox



Stocking time


Alan's stocking and the loot within

Holly & Alan get their favorite movies of the year

Sasha loves her stocking

Travel Spirograph

Coconut Pocky

Cat statue

The snows of Christmas morning

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Grandpa gets something over on the other side of the room

Video Clip

Snow gazing

Snow selfie

Anya serenades as Sasha stacks her loot

Rowland Manor enters it's Blue Period


The snow village - scene of a massive Kaiju Jaeger battle in years past.

Anya waits impatiently for everyone to eat before the present opening.

The foods


The family


The fun!

Present time!

Mermaid blanket

Interesting calendars

Mini Mrs. Pacman

more stuff

Hobbit foot slippers

The Planet Express ship, now sitting on my desk at work

Grandpa gets a stellarscope

Sasha get's a shirt from ye olde organic shoppe in towne

Journalism mugs

Cold hard cash from Grandma & Grandpa

PJs and cups!

An Amazon Echo so we can surveil Grandma & Grandpa from home in Virginia Beach - WE are listening!

Grandpa enters virtual reality


Holly opens a gift and Jeff captures the whole exciting moment on his video spy pen



and tea cups!

Every time you think "it can't possibly get any colder"


The kringle thingy

I wore this ascot all day and nobody mentioned it, oh and it warmed up to 1 degree

Christmas 2 Girl

Maddox, Anya & Aunt Mary!

There's that nice hat! 

Aunt Mary's present openings always attract a crowd

Sasha looks on in one of her stolen cousin sweatshirts

Anya makes the rounds for photos with the fam

An All Cousins pile

Anya continues her hug tour the next day

Grandma and Grandpa prepare to flee to Alabama

Hugs for Maddox and Grandpa

And Grandma, Lisa and Jeff


And a goodbye to Aunt Mary!

Bye Michigan Video

A birthday pit stop in Warren for Grandpa's 74th!

He blows out all the candles

and sneaks off into another reality

The next morning we get a 4 star breakfast before the big drive

Holly photo bombs the annual farewell portrait

and is finally shoed away for one clean shot

The rest of the day was a terrifying and treacherous death race to Pennsylvania

That ended with a neat cone of Thai fried rice!

and a dip in the hotel pool


Blue tongue fun and then one more day of ice and snow.

Blizzard Video Clip


My John Waters impression to say goodbye to 2017!



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