April 2017: April Fools Day, Alan at Work, Alan's Birthday, Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman Visit, Easter

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So you've probably seen this prank on the interwebs

But some guys at my office actually did it to a co-worker!
That's everything at their desk wrapped in tin foil/

Anya woke up early on April Fools day and these were the pranks.  The silverware one takes a minute to figure out.

This one with the bowls only makes sense if you live here

And this one with the Tsum Tsums was more like the kind of thing a Poltergeist would do.


Unlimited snacks and a team building spaghetti tower at work


Followed by unlimited seafood on the bay


and drinks with the team

More training at work and a big bowl of candy

Team dinner at Yardhouse on my actual birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!


Back at home Holly and the kids made cupcakes and cards for me!


Sprinkly cupcakes!


And a cupcake bandit

Back at work we celebrate the elimination of KONY middleware

Office Space style!


Watch the movie Office Space if this does not make sense to you

Or just watch it anyway if you have not seen it

It's a super funny movie

Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman come for their Spring visit and take us top an acrobat circus!


Australian acrobats!

Grandpa and Anya engage in Battleship

Grandpa does not know what he's up against!

Meanwhile in the kitchen, baking is taking place!


Down at the boardwalk

For a scoot and skate

Grandma & Grandpa try to keep up

but the kids skate circles around them!

Family photo op

I should have sat back.  I look huge in this photo

Ice creaming

and gellato?

Over to the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News

Gators + ducks

and in an unexpected twist...  the ducks prevail


Acting silly to amuse the turtles

Out on the boardwalk



LOts more turtles and a Hobbit hole

Deadly wolves

We arrived just in time to se this year's baby dinosaurs hatch!

There's something on the other side of the glass Grandpa!


It's time for Rifftrax!

I think this was the film Samurai Cop

While Sasha was at a sleepover.  Anya get's tacos!

The spring sprouts have sprung!


A super warm spring day at Mt. Trashmore after we got the bike tuned up


Flower girl

The Easter bunny was here.  Will they find them?

Yes.  They did.

Professor Cupcake helps


Loaded up with Easter loot.


And Easter celebration at Michelle and Bill's house


with a Greek food theme!


Making blow cars

out of straws and a few other items

It was a timed event

Then we raced!

Looks like Dylan won

Some did not make it much past the starting line

Meanwhile out in the backyard

Ben hides eggs!

He got this one pretty far up the tree

Here he points to where he was trying to put it.


The children gather at the door


But first they must see if there marshmallow peep rafts float

They all seem to float.  Everyone is a winner this time

But the call of the eggs soon pulls them away

Find them, they must

Anya notices many near the backdoor

Carter goes long

Out in the far reaches of the yard


Hazel supervises

Checking in on the peep rafts.  All still afloat.

Evening out the eggs

Opening to find what's inside

Little Lego guys.  Neato!

Then some trading


Finally in a drunken moment of Easter madnes


We broke all of Michelle's dishes.  Green style!  Opa!


As rare as a unicorn.  We drove around town looking for the Starbucks unicorn frappe, and ended up finding it at the Farm Fresh grocery store at the corner next to our house!


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