September 2016: First Day of School, Last Bay Day, Ocean Breeze Waterpark, Boardwalk with Uncle Beans, Neptune Fest

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First Day of School 2016

Last days at the beach 2016

Boogie Boarding

Wave riders

Bye bye Bay

Uncle Beans on the East Coast

Taking Sasha and Anya to their first visit to

babyslide to ease into things

First time in a wavepool!

But not the last time.  They came back to play here several times throughout the day.

Heading over to the twisty slide side of the park

Anya shoots out of one of the slides.

Sasha and her tube.

Beans tube


Lazy River Alan

Back at the wave pool

Wave Vid Kids

Its funny because Ocean Waves scare them

But in the wave pool.... fear

I suppose no undertow

and no surprises

all the waves are identical

Beans and Anya

Water gladiator fights

Anya, you can knocker her down...

But she keeps coming back!

In line for the toilet bowl

Beans gets flushed

Waiting in line

More Lay Zee River

Anya loves the river

Round and Round

Beans loved it too.  He had a secret spot where he could hide like the lazy river highway patrol

Sasha chills, Anya gets chilled

Cliff dump slides

Anya is fearless

Down she goes and over the cliff!

Walk on the boardwalk at dusk

Sunset on the East Coast

Boardwalk pose followed by Cool video of paratroopers


The Salad Days


Anya and Bucky.  The Winter Soldiers.


We lucked out at Neptune Fest and caught a favorite band from the 90's.

The Ocean Blue


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