October 2016: Tsum Tsum Land, Hurricanes, Movies and Halloween

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This is Tsum Tsum Land

Anya builds and rebuilds Tsum Tsum Land constantly

Its her favorite hobby

And it sometimes sprawls over 1/2 of the livingroom.

It's always very detailed and she would love to tell you all about it.


Anya at Town Center in her Homura Akemi costume


Anya and Holly are Huggin Halloween Buddies!

Then she found a new buddy giving out free hugs!

Super tall Thing 1 and Thing 2

This first picture is a woman complaining loudly that Anya, instead of her child, is getting the last balloon animal of the day (ha!)

The second picture is a mile long line that we bailed out of rather than trunk or treat at Landstown Commons

Taking my weirdoes to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children


Just a reminder from Comicon of who Sasha & Anya were dressed as for Halloween this year. 

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

This is a giant megabouncer...      at Alan's Office the other day!  Weeeeeee!

Moments before Hurricane Matthew arrives in Virginia Beach...

... the kids decided they wanted to go roller skating.

It lasted about 20 minutes before the rain started.

The wrath of Hurricane Matthew blew the lid off our sandbox and scattered plastic balls over an entire corner of the yard (and one over by the swingset.)

Days later I found this roof shingle

Some had it worse.  The Famous Halloween House had this giant tree fall on it!

At the Halloween Carnival of Souls Rifftrax

Sasha...  shows off her cat napping skills


Another day...  another skate around Mt. Trashmore.

Kid Ramen

Anya picking out the family pumpkins

Still a good selection at the Farmer's Market

These 4 make the cut

Then get cut

Scoopin guts

This year everyone carved their own

Kids and knives...  what could possibly go wrong?

Nothing!  It was a great success!

Anya poses with her 2 masterpieces of horror.

All 4 sliced and blazing

Including our double decker pumpkin stack!

Heading out with Treat Society and Mr. Robot.

The brave walk up to a haunted garage.

The Halloween house (with gutter hanging off from that huge tree that fell on it)

One last house then counting up the loot!

Ending October with Doctor Strange and some Classic Coleco Football.



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