November 2016: Super Moon, Grandma & Grandpa Thanksgiving Visit, The Mariner's Museum

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The final Super Moon until 2034

Grandma & Grandpa arrive for Thanksgiving

Crafting bead bracelets

Jack Jack waiting impatiently for dinner


Grandpa and the kids doodling and watching the Lion's game


Thanksgiving dinner and the shrimp tray that Alan ate while he was cooking it.

Anya and Grandma bake some pumpkin muffins!

Sasha has some Whip Cream and a sliver of pie.

Professor Cupcake snoozes in a sunbeam

Grandma & Anya show off their creations!

At The Mariner Museum in Newport News

Anya at the helm

One of the cannons in the USS Monitor exhibit

The kids inside a recreation of the USS Monitor

Grandpa and the girls

Hammock time and the ship's bell

Anya inspects the cannon on the Monitor recreation out in the yard

Grandpa and the girls at the famous turret.

In front of a cut out of the turret and how it looked underwater

The ship's prop and anchor

The next exhibit had to do with shipwrecks



Two of the unknown survivors of Lifeboat 4

Anya lost at sea


Not that Humane society.  This one just rescued humans.

They have great model ship exhibits

And an entire room of small craft boats from the last few centuries


This one looked like a floating nest!

Some of us reminded us of Disney's Moana that we saw the day before.

Long live the king!


A pretty nice Gondola

Submarine torpedo and a James Bond boat!

Some other cool looking boats

Grandma points out something...  probably a boat!

This one was made with skins!  ewww!  and this one is from Michigan!

This dorky looking little one sailed across the Atlantic like 3 times!

Back in the model ship section and next to a Narwhal tooth

Anya can't keep her head out of cannons.  It's a serious condition called "Wyle. E. Coyote Syndrome"


Heading out to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but Sasha's heart is in a galaxy far far away!

Anya and Alan get Avacado Buddy Charm necklaces! 

Another day....  Another visit to the Ramen House!

Sasha....  Rockstar!



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