May 2016: Mothers Day, Nerdy Fun Stuff, Tidewater Comicon 2016, Sasha art at the mall

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Mother's Day Breakfast

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

Ready for Game of Thrones Season 6 and checking out a BB-8 my friend at work is making with his 3-D printer

Rifftrax of Timechasers at the Theater and MaKenzie's birthday dinner at Olive Garden.


Captain America: Civil War


Sasha's window garden

This summer Sasha wanted full blue.  Not highlights.  So she had to get bleached first.


The Draco Malfoy look.


Ready for The Blues


6 different shades

And a new style!

Anya got a cut and style too so they were ready for Tidewater Comicon

These are the girls of Puella Magi Madoka Magica a favorite anime of Sasha and Anya

This is Homura Akemi

Anya will be Homura

Seen here in her full costume check

We had the costume custom made to her measurements.  Her gun and shield were hand painted from a toy and a smoke detector repurposed from a thrift shop.


This is Sayaka Miki

Sasha will be Sayaka

Seen here in her full costume check

We had the costume custom made to her measurements.  We found her boots at a thrift shop and hand painted them and sewed on the gold accents.

Ready for Comicon 2016!


Tidewater Comicon Day 1 with Lydia from Beetlejuice!


We found Katherine and Quinn and the gang from Max Fury Road


Magical girls and Flash Gordon!


A super-cool Xenomorph and more friends from school.


Sailor Jupiter and a Steampunk R2-D2

Break time and photo ops in the lobby

Star Wars!


Transformers Megatron


This is a bad photo but I needed to capture are incredibly lucky day 1 parking spot!

The Punisher and Deadpool meet me in the lobby.  A super cool Yellowjacket.


Our favorite Star Wars Rey

Con-ing around at the Con

Godzilla sneaks up on Anya

With Ironman

An amazing homemade Cinderella costume.



A super cool dying Anakin costume


Luke an baby Yoda.  Sasha & an Aquabat!

Working their magical girl magic on the judges


Spideman tries to break up the Batman V Superman

Batman v Superman v Alan

A wandering Dalek


Ursula the Sea Witch

Checking out the merch

Lady Groot and master Steampunker


A Spaceball! 


Uncle Ben!!!!!!    Noooooooooooooooo!


T-Rex heading toward Godzilla


Kylo Ren

Love Live! girls!

A Captain America and The Winter Soldier family!


The official Comicon Portrait


Stopping for a brief moment with The Flash.  A Deadpool / Spiderman Conga-Line

Vanellope von Schweetz!   Immortan Joe and Furiosa

Megatron tries to take my head off!  Queen Amidala holds court with the kids.


Some kids win random prizes at a dance-off


Pikachu and Star Lord face off!

Waiting for the costume contest to begin

Anakin tries to use The Force, but this girl's cool costume wins the kids division this year.

The Fury Road group won and Cinderella

Even Rey got a honorable mention

All the winners take some group shots

Ace Ventura ( I used to look like this guy!)

Sasha and Anya get their Chibi Portrait.  Amazing!

Bob Camp doodling Ren & Stimpy on demand

A Ghostbusters Mini!!!!!!!!

Lunch at work and Tsum Tsums having some sort of weird ceremony in the middle of the night.

Sasha and her "Identity" portrait drawings on display at the mall

Only a handful of kids got to have theirs on display from her school

Portraits of the young artist by the young artist.



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