June 2016: Sasha School End of the Year Awards, Fathers Day, Toy Sale at Flea Market, Turtle attack at Adventure Island, Beach Bay Day

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The band warms up the crowd

Sasha wins the National Social Studies League Award!

Her team was #1 in the nation!

Video Clip

Father's Day presents

My new Bonsai tree and all the trimmings

We named her Juno

Also some fancy artwork that the kids had made for me in secret at the end of the school year

A very nice ceramic glazed plate

And a crazy looking bird!

Sasha on the last day of school, wore her STNG command uniform.

Our Toy sale yard sales never attract enough business

So we rented a table at the Norfolk Flea Market

Video Clip

Everyone was really nice and the kids made about 40 bucks!

On the bridge at work that crosses over to Adventure Island, I saw a turtle!  Neat!

Then some huge karp

Then more turtles!

And even more!

Walking along the trail at Adventure Island past the volleyball and badminton courts.  Into the Pavillion,

Looking across the soccer fields and tennis courts

Also the basketball courts and keeping en eye out for Sea Serpents and Gigantic Rats

On my way back there were about 100 more turtles!

It was a Turtle frenzy!  Watch Video


Sasha accompanying me to the sequel to Independence Day.  My #1 favorite movie!  Hopefully the sequel will be awesome!



Holly joins us for a day at the bay!

Swimming out into the waves

Anya demonstrates some of the her swimming abilities

She took a class at the end of the school year


Tin Man / Sand Man

Looking for more toys!

A useful repurposing of the pencil boxes from school last year!


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