January 2016: New Years Eve in VB, Eminent Person Day at Sasha's School, Science Museum of Virginia, Giant Box-o-T-Shirts from Uncle Beans, Where Alan Works

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New Years Eve with the Cherry Poppin Daddies!
Video Clip

Down at Town Center in Virginia Beach
Video Clip

Zoot Suit Riot!
Video Clip

Sasha's Yuri Gagarin diorama

The had a eminent person report and presentation

Sasha checks out the other kids projects

and fields questions about her own


Jack Jack & Professor Cupcake all up in yo face!


Kings of the hill

This was the only snow we saw this winter

And it was during a warmish day in Richmond

The Science Museum of Virginia

This was our first visit to this museum

Anya makes it to the fountain first

Sasha and her friend Aida try to push the ball off the pedistal

Bike art


Gort and Robby.  Famous bots!

2 more famous droids

R2 & Alan.  Iron man "repulses" me.

Sasha and her xenomorph pal

Kids "doing" science!

These stairs played music notes when you ran up and down them

Ratball Video!


Petting the rat athletes after the game

Aida and Sasha meet the team

A nice group shot in the atrium

Anya taunts the dead


Shark bait

Physics is phun!

Look closer...  Its a giant cockroach!

A few more shots in the foyer

Anya dancing around....for science!

Uncle Beans sent a box of Marvel and Star Wars t-shirts

Fresh off the press from his factory in California!

The kids were VERY happy.  These were the shirts they were looking for.

Taking a winter walk around the grounds at my new office


Bran Stark is probably under this tree talking to 3 eyed crows.  Second pic, hard to see, log turtles!

This person REALLY decorated their cube for the holidays!


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