Christmas 2015: Captions by Sasha

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Christmas tree time!

Anya puts on the elf.


Christmas kitties.

Happy birthday, mommy! (Cuppy is excited with all the presents!)

Sasha's present to mommy!

Anya shows mommy some cards.

B-day fun!

Look at this one!

A new tray! Hooray!

This box is really big...

Wait- My Pillows!

My Pillows! Happy birthday!

Anya  is ready for the school Christmas play. Mommy, Sasha, and Sasha's friend wait for the show to start.

The play was so cool!  Video Clip

We are in Ohio, and we've been driving for a while.


This hotel was really nice, but we looked out the window...

Uh... Nice view? I feel bad for this hotel. It was scary sleeping with the Correction center a few feet from us...

The Fishers! we are finally here!

Since I learned how to play Ode to Joy, I had lots of fun playing it over and over until other people might have died. 


Maize was tied of all the excitement.

Puppies and cousins!

Uncle Jeff is sad without daddy. Lucy checks out her Elf on the Shelf. They're playing Uno!

Anya helps wrap presents.

We all wrap our presents.

It's nature walk time!

  It was really fun... but also really cold. 


Things were a little bit off schedule, so we decorate cookies right before we go to bed.

I made joy from inside out! Cookies are awesome!

Almost time for bed.. but first PJs!

Me and Anya got matching sheep onesies. Lucy got a puppy nightgown.

Me and daddy on Christmas eve.

Checking the stockings and the cookies. 

Everyone has their PJs on...

... We're ready!

Christmas morning! Spongebob for Anya!!!

So much Madoka! It's beautiful!

Stockings are full, and Spongebob has arrived!


I walk downstairs...

Everyone gathers their goodies!

We open some more...

Homura Akemi glasses!

A Kindle for me while Anya opens another

Grandma and daddy.


The aftershock

We're all ready to go!

Getting ready...

The kids are minecrafting together.

Mommy is excited!!!


Lucy has some xmas punch.

Kyubey enjoys the contracts he's made in the village...

Grandma and Grandpa ready for presents.

Anya got weapons from Sylvie. Sasha got a Baymax plushie from Grandma and Grandpa.


Maddi got a Hogwarts sweater!

Wubbles and Legos for Anya

Daddy at the beach with Sasha

Lego Elves!

Adventure time posters and the Amulet series. Yay!

Never Girls and Minecraft

The remains of the chubby puppies lie on the floor.

Giant Tsum Tsums!!! Noland Gets more presents.

Grandma and Grandpa open presents too.

Everyone goes outside. Sylvie and Anna are twins.

Aunt Angela and Uncle Mark.



Kids relax.

Noland got a voice distorter. Anya hides in the chair.

At Jade Garden.

Everybody loved their food. Thanks Aunt Mary!

A pile of kids.

Elder Christmas is here!

Sasha has her suit on.

Food time!

Mommy claims her presents.

All elder are ready for their presents.

Uncle Jeff gets Armada and every Star trek ship ever created. (>_<)

Grandpa gets presents. Lucy threatens to kill anyone who doesn't go get her a PB cookie.

More minecrafting

Sasha and Bebe go to sleep.


Aunt Mary and Mommy

Goodbye Michigan! See u guys in June!

Hotel relaxing

Anya continues to minecraft.

Daddy present time!

Ultraman tee

More candy and music.

Maple maple maple

Over the Garden Wall! Finally!!

Wall-E Legos! Sasha immediately takes and smuggles to her room. 

Matrix toys! Merry Christmas!!! (^_^)


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