July 2016: Cape Cod

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Holly and the kids head out to Massachusetts

Anya testing out the beds at the hotel


Sasha testing out the pillows

Arrival at Manomet

First look at the Cape of Cod


Nice views

Nice sunset


Nice Grandpa

Stairs down to the water.  The Livingroom.

Grandma shows us to our room


Anya moves in.  Room with a view.

Uncle Fred takes the girls out to see the low tide.

More views from and of the room

Anya looking out over the bluff

Cape Crusaders

The famous porch

A balancing act

One of the houses across the street


Cute kids

It was caterpillar season!


More lousy views of the Cape

In both directions

Breakfast with Grandpa

Anya on the Adirondack

Sasha and Anya at the old cupped cake shoppe


The high cost of eating too many cupcakes!

Rowlands arrive

Meanwhile on a train somewhere in Virginia...

...Alan speeds across the countryside

Stopping traffic everywhere he goes


Taking note of the city names

And then he noticed....  He was alone on the train!


The now out of control ghost train speeds past the stop in DC

Zooms past Baltimore

Post apocalyptic graffiti is splattered across the landscape

Entire cities in ruin

Random words like "sleep" and "Tober" etched into my mind as I spiral into madness

Surely this train of the damned will stop in The Big Apple?

It did not.  But I eventually was able to jump off right before Boston...  and Holly happened to be standing there to meet me.

She immediately took me to a British pub for some root beer.

See?!!!   Root beer...  and apple crisp.

A lovely outing to historic Plimoth

We learned that the name of the town was hilariously misspelled in communiqués by the governor at the time...

... and for some reason instead of correcting him, they just "went with it."

Here's where they sacrificed the children who tried to point out the proper spelling of the town name.

We joyfully re-enacted one of their savage rituals

Then strolled away as if nothing had happened.

Here we interrogated one of the natives

She explained that even though they had no concept of a written language, they still knew how to spell Plymouth. 


Sasha found a pile of sticks and threw this house thing together.

The Rowlands were impressed


And dedicated it to their Gods


The kids though it would be a lark to try their hands at manual labor

This corn punishing stick was an interesting lesson in historic gastronomy

Lucy also senselessly bashed some corn

The girls were congratulated on their primitive cuisine prep skills.

Flower child

We entered one of the classier furnished haciendas. 

The main thing we learned was that they were not called haciendas. 

Anya carefully learned how to drill holes in rocks and make bees wax candles

...and looming.  Now she is what they call a "Colonial Triple Threat"

Anya welcomed us to the 17th Century

Come for the armory, stay for the canon!

Plimoth loved their canons

Anya sights some tourists and repositions her weapon.

Anya and Lucy minding their own business when this colonist photo-bombed us

The actors were required to stay in character when interacting with us and each other

These two began a delightful folly having to do with a stuck musket rod.  It ended tragically... Meanwhile, Anya was distracted by a chicken.

Maddie also appreciated a wandering chicken.

Soon a whole flock of rogue chicks began to gather.  Jeff walked by and did his best not to make eye contact with the beasts.

Lisa listened in on some colonial gossip while Anya snuck off for a colonial nap.

Lucy demands to be fed despite the fact that no food is being prepared.

Sasha pretends not to notice as a ravenous Lucy swallows handfuls of potpourri

Jeff and Anya check all the ovens, but find no food.

The gardens have not yet yielded their bounty

Anya toils colonially

and does a bit of reaping

Anya, as always, gets slighted by some cows but fear not... the "Reservoir Cousins" approach.

Colonial stick piling was legendary.  Until Anya Jenga'd the whole thing.

Anya gains the confidence of a hilariously indentured servant, then runs off and tattles to the master that she was slacking on her embroidery.

The town crier is cast out by the town fop.

Downtown Plymouth!

Where all the most fashionable pilgrims shop!

Mayflower 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Mayflower 2: Mayflower's Revenge

That "wooden" Massachusetts personality we all hear about.

They had Sasha over a barrel!

But Lisa was able to find a clause in the Mayflower Compact that prevented Sasha from receiving the flogging that goes with "being over a barrel."

Reverse zoom on goony bird

Anya captures the day in crayon.

The crows nest of the Mayflower 2, looking down on the poor and huddled masses


Not a historic actor, just a sailor with a sad story to tell.

Anya secures some ropes then takes a rest on one of the Colonial "pouting" stools.

Boy longs to ring bell

Anya peers down into the dark recesses of the ship's soul

Heading downstairs we wander around the dark recesses of the ship's soul

We find random things hither and thither

More rope.  The colonists loved their rope.

This part of the ship was known as The Rope District.  Slackin on The Mayflower. 

Anya swabs the deck.  Then rests.

Then rests some more, but in a different part of the ship.

We didn't land on Plymouth rock!  Plymouth Rock was over here locked in a cage for some reason! 


Trying to keep the kids busy, I told them to move all the rocks over to the right.  They got most of them.

The lowest of tides.

"Daddy can we climb on these jagged and dangerous rocks?"

"Sure... whatever.  I'm watching this paddleboat."

"Knock yourselves out!"

127 hours later...

They make it to the top with all arms intact. 


Back at the cottage.  Yatzee!  for some.

 Intensive study of The Scriptures for others and salad making

Lobster Massacre!

Fireworks to celebrate the 3rd of July!

In Massachusetts they recognize the 3rd as being an even more important day in history

It is, of course the day to commemorate the Battle of Horns of Hattin

Back in 1187 when Saladin, Sultan of Egypt and Syria, destroyed Jerusalem's crusader army!


Pepperidge Farm remembers!

All hail Saladin!

Holly runs down the 736 stairs to the ocean.

Later that day, we arrive at the beach

The views from beachside

Anya of the rocks!

Snap a picture of me on the rocks dad!

Those last 2 captions are brought to you by the band Primus!

Anya wades ankle deep in the insanely cold water.

Then deeper.  Knee deep!

I plunged the camera into the water to get these intense close ups of the stones in their natural habitat

National Geographic...  Check please!

Telling secrets and lies about me...  probably.


Anya collects "specimins"


Other houses teetering over the cliffs

Looking cool at the Cape

Way out there!


History of the bluff.


And now.  An artistic photographic montage...

The gang heads over to the old iced creams shoppe

Melting moments later.

An incredibly optimistic family boards the metro for Boston

So full of hope and energy

Disembarking and heading out to find the Freedom Trail!

Cool downtown architecture

The big city

We arrive at one of the more ordinary, familiar or regular parts of Boston.  Common.  That's the word I was looking for.

Tuppence a bag

Sasha and Anya run down the birds.  Filthy creatures!  But the birds were nice.

First stop.  The Massachusetts State House. 

Built on the site of John Hancock’s cow pasture

One of Jabba's lesser favorite wall decorations

OK.  Enough with the State House!  On to Park Street Church!

Anya, a huge fan of William Lloyd Garrison, was eager to see where he delivered his first major public speech against slavery on July 4, 1829.

Sasha stained glass photo bombing Jesus.

Anya considers joining but finds Congregationalism, a system of organization among Christian churches whereby individual local churches are largely self-governing, "kind of offensive."

So we make our way to Granary Burying Ground

Where Tim Burton gets the graphics for the credits to all of his movies.

Anya is one of the first visitors to notice an obelisk that marks the grave of Benjamin Franklin’s parents

Sasha decides that she needs a Selfie next to the grave of little 4 year old Christopher Kilby

Anya pays respect at the pedestal of Paul Revere

Later we found the actual tombstone

Well... Anya found it first.  She gets dibbs.

Signer, Governor, Leader, Patriot....No mention of the beer?

During the Victorian era, the headstones were reorganized into neat rows to make way for a modern innovation of the time, the lawn mower.

Back at Adams rock!

Next up?  King’s Chapel

Ooooh!  a Duck Boat! and a Bronzed dipped donkey!  How freaky and inhumane.

Next we jump ahead

To the Old South Meeting House!

The stage for some of the most dramatic events leading up to the American Revolution.  Look!!!!   That sewer says Boston on it!

It's said the docents, just went mad one day and massacred an entire class of visiting 4th graders.

This is the window where people gawked at the massacre and took memory photos with their eye-fones

This sign reminded us that the rest of the Freedom trail was going to take forever.


Snarky panhandler.

more city

Look at that fit and fabulous fella!

A statue commemorating the time Sam Adams pouted, stamped his foot and threw a hissy fit for liberty

Anya decides she wants 100 candy apples for lunch!

But settles for a colonial delicacy called "watered mellon"

Alan finally gets to eat a Lobster Roll at Faneuil Hall Marketplace!  A boyhood dream he's had for a couple of years.

Sketchy colonial alley

An old tavern.  Not super old... but old.

And a "Modern" pastry shop!

Paul Revere lived here.  Caged behind this steel door like an animal.

The really revere this guy here in Boston!

Fountain in the way to Old North Church

And shade.  Real colonial shade!

Floor tiles to commemorate God.

In 1775 Paul Revere noticed that there were British people in town.  200 years later School House Rock would tell us his story.

Copp’s Hill Burying Ground is the final resting place and cemetery of merchants, artisans and craft people who lived in the North End.   (AKA: riff raff)

Cotton and Increase Mather, two Puritan ministers closely associated with the Salem witch trials are buried here.

But we had to move on. 

A long hot walk across the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

One of the widest cable-stayed bridges in the world.  And some cannons.

"Old Ironsides"  but not the detective played by Raymond Burr!???   What did we walk across that bridge for again?

The USS Constitution.  Holly and Anya sit this one out.  Too tired.

Fun fact:  The ship’s copper fastenings were constructed by....   I'll give you one guess.  (remember it's in Boston)



Making America great again!

Launched in Boston in 1797, it's the oldest commissioned warship afloat (kind of, it was in dry dock at the time)

The Converse shoe factory (Presumably where Paul Revere invented sneakers) and Good bye to Boston!

Some really nice sunrise pics of the Cape at Low tide

Feel free to download and print one up to put on your wall!

and send me $300.  I'm trying to make a living here!

On the road to Province town at the tip of the Cape!

Cod on Cape Cod.  Ha!

A stop at the National Seashore.

See!  The National Seashore!

Relics of the sea

Anya on an inlet


They found seashells on the National Seashore (rejected tongue twister)

Weird pops!

At the very end of Cape Cod

At least as close as you can get in a car

You could walk out on these rocks to the very very end

But the place was crawling with sharks

Holly mocks one.  Saruman looks down on us from Isengard

The gargoyles of Saruman

A Transvestite in a rascal disguised as a little car greets us as we enter Provincetown.  We were too early for Sedaris.

A touristy fun town

Full of neat shops

ice cream

and giant anchors.

Back home for our last night we celebrate the birth of Anya!

Happy birthday Anya!

Grandma doles out cake.

Anya opens presents, cards and cash!

A better specimen container for the beach!

Already stocked with a plushie shark!


Cap Cod swag

And a blow up killer whale!


Last morning on the Cape

This was an amazing vacation

Staying at the house at Manomet was incredibly cool

Very rustic

But very comfy

It felt like taking a vacation in the past

Sasha adds our experience to the register logs that go back over 100 years!


Uncle Mark and Anna say goodbye!



Grandpa and Uncle Fred making breakfast

Everybody together one more time.  Bye bye Rowlands!

One last pic by the trellis and the bluff

Uncle Fred on the edge!

Holly browses one of the registry logs

Wiseman's leaving Restawhile

Driving through that city from Ghostbusters.

Anya and Sasha enjoying the posh hotel

Yes, we have snacks!



Dinner at an amazing yummy Chinese resturant.

Anya's birthday was on the road.  So we went to a indoor waterpark!

Anya took some convincing.  But she LOVED the slides!

Wandering around the waterplaground

Tons of soakers and slides

Getting wetter!

Anya crushes the American Ninja Gladiator challenge

Lazing on the Lazy River

A shot from the top of the big slide and Holly heading down river.

Float on!

By the end Sasha went down the slides and loved it!

We found out, after we ate lunch on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, on the way back home...

That they are closing the restaurant and rest stop to tear it down and remodel

So we were among the last to eat at the old restaurant!  Neat!



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