August 2016: Trip to Michigan, Bay Day with The Whale, Sasha Sleep Over Party, Anya Arcade Days

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Captions by Sasha!


We arrive at the Fishers!

We are greeted by the Rowland's.

MSU ice cream


Food / mint fest / MSU gardens

At the campus gardens

Fountain friends

It's a fantastical garden!



Everyone was able to cross the bridge after answering the troll's riddles




Sunny Sisters!

The stone frog is master of the wishing pool

Sasha is phoning it in

A great day at the gardens.


Holly takes the kids to visit her old house on the lake


A high dive waterslide!  That's new!


Sasha and Anya lament their lack of a lake house


Back in front of the old homestead


Anya and Lucy


Watching TV and eating food


Anya scootering! She's amazing!


The house..? o_O


Corn huskin' kids


Mint parade!

Cars. Trucks.

Mint fest royalty. Old dudes with lawnmowers.

I thought this was the mint festival... A giant wagon that throws corn at innocent pedestrians

More random stuff

Anya has her candy bag almost full, looks like the parades almost over.

Nope! There's still more!

Anna runs the dance stand





Eating more



Sasha birthday: the sequel!

Cake and cupcakes


Anya really wants those cupcakes

A pretty card followed by a new sweatshirt! Michigan!


Chillin on the porch

Grandma's Birthday!

Pictures at the Rowlands!

The original Fishers!

Presents for Grandma!

Happy birthday! We love you!

At grandma Wiseman's .

The Detroit River. This place was swarming with pokestops. I must've caught like 100 magikarps.

A giant blue chair

On a boat!

A yacht club!



It was really pretty


Ultraman gear at the Japanese store. Flower gardens


Dad's old school. Anya trains a few fish.

Bye Michigan!

Anya's ready to ride.


In Shenandoah! It's beautiful!



We were super high up.


Wildlife sign (this was a pokestop)



OMG!!! A BEAR!!!


In the car



Inside a cloud

It was freezing but also fun

Shenandoah kids

There was a random trail thing strait down a mountain, so we decided to check it out.

Fun in the mountains


At the beach!

Riding Anya's new whale she got for her birthday in Massachusetts.

Anya loves her whale, 'Whalerus.'

Body boarding at the bay.

Anya's first surfing lessons.

She was good!


It was a whale of a time. (-_-)

For Sasha's birthday, her friends, Katherine and Aida, went to a fancy restaurant for dinner. 

She got a special birthday peach cobbler!

Eating dessert and catching wild Pokémon. 

Next, roller skating.

Sasha and her friends latched onto the wall the entire time.

After a while, they got pretty good!


When we got home, Sasha opened her presents.

Anya jealously eyes Sasha's new Sailor Moon doll.

The next morning, Sasha requested blueberry pancakes.


More presents from Mom and Dad! Hamilton book!

Hamilton CD! Hamilton Shirt!

Anya got presents, too.

Eating donuts!

Playing games!

Winning tickets!

Claw machine and fluffy clown toss.

Pirate / Wheel of Fortune / Adventure game...?

Giant flappy bird!

Anya plays the ball game.

Eatin' cheeze friez


Tentacle zombie attack!


Star Trek and Suicide Squad


More Suicide Squad

Mothra Rifftrax Nite! Yay!



Dad's after-work party at the beach

Mushroom fairies


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