April 2016: Alan Birthday, Black Widow, Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics Festival in Washington DC, They Might Be Giants!

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For my birthday I got a Jack-Jack-in-the-box


Then another box inside that, and still another box inside that!


Eventually I got to the monitor stand.  Hurray!

Birthday dinner all you can eat sushi!  I ate a LOT!


Anya and Sasha are sushi kids too!

As I was reaching to wash my hands in the bathroom, this black widow decided to block the soap.

Come and play with us at the Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics Festival in Washington DC forever...and forever... And forever

Taking the metro to the convention center

We made it there...

Now... on to the science!

Some cool building toys

Robot Jellyfish


Poking planes and other STEM stuff


Waiting in line to go to Mars

Is there Life on Mars Video

Science girls!

Robots and lectures

Waiting for They Might Be Giants!


Sasha and Anya made fan signs to hold up during the show!

Video: Birdhouse in Your Soul Part 1

Video: Birdhouse in Your Soul Part 2

Video: Dr. Worm

Video: The Elements

Video: It's Not My Birthday

Rock on Flansy!

In the Shadows of Giants!

Robin Goldwasser guest stars for "Electric Car"

Video: The Mesopotamians

Holly weasels through the crowd to take a few pics of the kids front and center

Video: Particle Man

Video: You're Older

The drums endorse Bernie Sanders


For the second set Sasha and Alan stand right against the stage

Video: Robot Parade

Video: Istanbul not Constantinople  featuring Sasha!

Video: Science is Real

Video: The Sun

This was as close as I've ever seen them.  It was awesome!


We're so close, Flansburgh is actually behind us!


Video: They Might Be Giants

Another great double concert by They Might Be Giants!


Racing handmade balloon powered cars


Sasha and Anya race head to head.


Doing some archeology

Oceanographic archeology uncovered some shark teeth

Anya goofing with a hologram

A great day at the Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics Festival in Washington DC.  It's so huge, I estimate that we saw about 5.7846% of it. 

Anya eating breakfast at the hotel and some of the strange decor I noticed o the shelf behind her.

A origami Tie fighter from the tooth fairy.  One of the fancy lunches in the cafe at my new job (the caramel egg was free!)


Then one morning Prince died and I crashed my car into the car in front of me on the way to work.  Not the best way to finish the month :(


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