September 2015:  Berry Picking Again, The Sandbar, First Day of School 2015, Kites, Sandbridge, Super Blood Moon

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Holly and Sasha missed out on the first round of berry picking


So we went back for 2 more buckets!

4 More hands yielded twice as many berries!


Cleaning the bounty!


Berry Good!

For the last weekend of summer we encountered an amazing sandbar at First Landing State Park

About 50 yards out a sandbar stretched down the whole beach

The water was only a few inches deep!

It was really fun to play way out here in the water

And look back at the beach


I decided to just take my chair right out into the water!  This became a trend as the weekend continued.

We ended up coming back every day.  Friday-Sunday

It was crazy fun!

Stand up boogie boarding

I reached in the water to grab what I thought was a shell and pulled up this little guy

Anya created a temporary habitat for Mr. Krabs

Holly joined us on Sunday

She had to witness the sandbar we couldn't stop talking about!

Boogie on out to the bar Holly!


Shark-eye view of the family

Holly in the family yacht

Anya nervously prepares for the first day of school

Sasha did not want to take a "first day" picture this year

Anya excitedly returns from Day 1 of Grade 2

Shucky-Duckies out in the back yard

Anya flying high at Mt. Trashmore

She's really good at flying that kite!

We hadn't been to the beach at Sandbridge in a few years

So we made the drive down.  The ocean was pretty choppy, so the girls mostly played in the sand while I boggie boarded in the waves.

Sasha leaps over a sand wall

The new Playground at Little Island City Park

Sasha get's a letter from John Oliver on HBO for donating to his ministry Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption.

For the last Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, I took a series of photos over the 5 hour cycle.  Unfortunately the clouds rolled in during the blood moon portion.

These were the best 2 shots I could get during the full eclipse. 
It was interesting that my camera view screen couldn't really even see this.  I had to point, shoot, and realign to capture these.


As the eclipse waned, I got some good shots of the earth shadow moving out of the way

Here we are at about 1am getting back to the full super moon.



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