October 2015: School Carnival, Ghost Train, Diorama Rama, Camping, Halloween

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Sasha posing in one of my old punk rock shirts from the 80's

Fall festival games at Anya's school

Cake walkers

Talk like a Pirate Day at Krispy Kreme

Holly putting on a brave face before The Ghost Train

Haunted Ghost Train in Chesapeake

Cat Napping

Sasha working on her Diorama for school

It's a little Native American Pueblo village

The teacher loved it!

These are called Tsum Tsums

They are the most popular toy in our house this year.

This sleeping bag looks angry about going camping.

As soon as she arrives at the campsite Anya immediately scampered up a tree.

And refused to come down

Earlier in the day I went to the campground, registered and set up the tent and site

While Holly and the kids were at school, unemployed dad got the job done. 

I put the tent way up on top of a hill on the site.

Behind the tent was this deep open ravine

The kids spent hours "adventuring" around down here.


Fancy photography

A walk to the bathrooms


A splash of Fall foliage

More scenery

Sasha up a tree directing hammock placement

So many trees to climb...

...So much time to climb them all!

Lil Tree Huggers

US Olympic Hammocking Team

The bag with the lighter fluid that spilled, unfortunately also had a new can of Pringles in it.  We had to sacrifice it.

Marshmallow toasting commences


Anya toasts a double


Sticky good roasting

The perfect browning

The work is done, now it's time to eat!

Walking out to the beach

I think this is the USS New York.  The ship that was made with steel from the World Trade Center.

Cool driftwood tree.  This scared the heck out of me and Anya the night before when we walked out on the beach at night.  It looked like a seamonster!

Running down the shore



Running back!

Sunset and a campfire cooked dinner!

Mid Day Moon

Sasha going to her first Middle School Dance

Sasha's impossible pumpkin request this year was Kyubey from the anime Madoka Magica

It turned out pretty good.  Holly gets in position for the trick or treaters.

Anya designed this first one herself and Sasha did the knife-work for her first time.

Costume Check: Sasha (as Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater 3000) Anya (as Trinity from The Matrix)

The sun goes down and the decorations come out

The kids personally decorated the tree in front of the house

Heading out into the neighborhood.

Halloween Video 1

Halloween Video 2

Halloween Video 3

Halloween Video 4

Halloween Video 5

Back home counting up the loot.

That's quite a haul!


Sasha drew this cat tribute to the Matrix on the bus home from school one day.


This is some kid photography that they took themselves.


Here's a photo love story that they created

And they both lived happily ever after!


These sock puppets that Anya created are named Katie Banana, Bobby & Bethany.  She plays with them constantly.

Anya and Jack Jack

Anya Crazy Happy Fun Time Video



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