November: Family Bowling, Cupcake Picnic, Anya Citizen of the Month, Colonial Williamsburg, Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman Thanksgiving

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Family Bowling Day!

Anya heads for a spare

Holly tries the Skull Ball!

Roll on Anya

Game 1 final scores


Holly with a mighty throw

Final Score Game 2

The Pin Pals!

Sasha saw this place on the TV show Cupcake Wars.  So of course we had to drive all the way to Chesapeake for a cupcake!

We took the cupcakes to the park for a cup cake picnic

Then played at the Fun Forrest

I convinced Sasha to go light the Christmas show at the mall with Santa and a bunch of toddlers!

Anya scores another impossibly high score on Flappy Bird - 169!

Anya wins citizen of the Month for Diligence

The principal sings her praises

Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman arrive for Thanksgiving

Grandma doles out all the stuff she's been saving up for the girls

Including fancy necklaces!

Thanksgiving dinner with the traditional home made nature walk gathered Cornucopia

Spending post Thanksgiving in Historic Williamsburg

Waiting for the shuttle in the blazing hot sun

Heading over to the first of the historic houses

Anya plays cup and ball while Sasha tries on some colonial garb

Then Anya tries on a bonnet.  The kids head out to the vegetable garden.

They enter the kitchen and the cook puts them to work

Samples of meals of the era.  Sasha mashes potatoes

Some traditional holiday cookies

"Go fetch some water girl!"  Sasha finds the dolls.

Making scented sachets

Sasha calls to Anya from the window

Inspecting the livestock

A babbling brook

Waiting in line for lunch at the town bakery then eating out in the yard

Some of the locals

Anya dances a jaunty jig on this stoop to curry favor from this shop-keep


Ninjas appear out of nowhere for a chat with the townfolk

Happenings main street

Anya takes to the waving platform to greet visitors

Grandpa desperately attempts to master cup and ball

Thanks to the magic of split-second photography, he succeeds!


Anya swears her allegiance to The Crown

Fancy colonial sewers

Punishment for unruly children.

A horse of course

Grandma stares down the mare

Grandpa picks out a tricorne at the milliner.

A short rest before a tour of the Governor's Mansion

The tour begins

Tiny beds, well appointed hearths

Fancy cribs and harpsichords

In the ballroom

In the foyer of the ballroom

And lastly chasing Sasha through the hedge maze

Grandpa takes a ride on Big Bike (Video)

My new beach cruiser

Grandma & Sasha start baking

Fancy breads

Yum Yum Yum

A game of cards

Then a pistachio cake!

The next day grandpa makes potato latkes


And Grandma sews pillows with the girls

Alan heads out for his first day of work in 16 years

My temporary cube


The Foosball Table

Pool and Ping Pong.  I think I'm going to like this job!



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