May 2015: End of the School Year Fun, Comicon 2015, Uncle Fred & Aunt Peggy Visit, Nature Hike, Hair Coloring

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Anya and Daddy at lunch one day

Anya's class had a field day so Holly hung around to play

Anya does some quick hooping

She is a hula master.


Sasha's school was invited to sing at the Middle School production of "The Sound of Music".

Maria, the Cap and the VonTrapps!

Video from rehearsal


Comic Book Day at "Borderless" our fav com shop

The haul of swag from Comic Book Day!  Sasha even scored a tshirt cuz she wore her steampunk cap

For Spirit Week Sasha went as "Casual Friday Vader" for Star Wars Day and "Archaeologist" on Career Day.


I took this picture of the moon with my new camera!  Pretty good eh?


So they moved Comicon for this year up to May from October.  So we took the year off from Cosplay and just went as civilains.

Probably just as well.  The Cosplayers for this 2nd year were really "next level."  This costume was like 8 Feet Tall!

And this one was amazing.  Those wings retracted and expanded to like 14 feet!

And here someone made something I always dreamed of making.  A functioning astromech droid!  That kid inside could drive it around!  Sooooo cool!


Sasha & Yellowjacket


Sasha and the TARDIS

I tried to steal a shot of Kelly Hu but these kids stepped into the way, so this is Kelly Hu's personal assistant!

Sasha likes buttons


Alan likes Godzilla!


Spidey escorts a tiny Iron Man.

Sasha meets and hangs out with Ian McGinty from "Bravest Warriors"


Batmobile and BMO


Alan and The Thing.  Sasha in the land of Steampunk.


Punk Sailor Moon crew and Sailor Uranus


Star Wars everybody and Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner


I met Wirt from "Over the Garden Wall"!   Another huge mech costume.


Uncle Fred & Aunt Peggy come to visit on their National Tour. 
We went to our favorite Chinese/Japanese place for dinner the previous night and watched The Grand Budapest Hotel

We decided a tall ship cruise would be a good representative event for a visit to our area.

The American Rover is our harbor cruise ship

The tour takes you by many of the Navy shipyards

Uncle Fred is a Master iPhone Photographer

The crew is ship-shape.  Anya, below decks hangs out in the lounge.

Some of the other facilities

Now she's back up on the foredeck!

Hoist sails!

Sasha and Holly get inspection duty.

Looking back over Norfolk

Racing a sailboat


Then a tugboat

The sailor's life for us!


Anya takes a snooze

The crew lowers the sails.  End of trip!  We then went out for a nice dinner of Thai food in downtown Norfolk.

Our first day at the park for the new season

This squirrel nervously looks on as Anya inspects some pelts.

The next few rows of pictures are some pretty amazing nature shots with my new camera.

These were from our hike through the woods.

Our favorite hanging tree moss

Anya finds a good Gandolf walking stick, then she blocked the way and said "we shall not pass!"


So we turned around and walked back.

The kids were excited to climb some trees.


That was what they really wanted to do at the park that day.


Sasha wanted to feed this squirrel

But then the squirrel became possessed and told us "that we would all burn in a lake of smoldering acorns!"


Then she snapped out of it and went back to eating her treats.


That was a great day at the park!

Look at these giant onion cakes!  Neato!


Sasha wanted to re-blue her summer pixie cut.


So her stylist Pete decided on an ambitious 4 shade layering


Anya decided she wanted Purple on each side like Mako Mori in the movie Pacific Rim


Washing out the bleach

She looks like Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter!!

She go a lot more hair prepped this time

   And some cool tiger striping

Adding in the color!

Here's the 4 different shades

OK, time to let it set...  Anya you're up!

Blonde Anya!

Adding 2 shades of Purple

Now Anya gets to set and Sasha gets some styling

Look at all that blue!

So cool!

Sasha is gonna be the envy of all the kids in town.  (One of her primary goals.)

Anya looks on with hopes that she will look equally cool!

The blue looks amazing

So many layers

So many shades

Even blue tiger stripes!

Anya style time

That looks incredible!

This was an amazing first time coloring for Anya

And 4 hours later...  Blue & Purple Sisters!

The sun shows even more detail!

OK.  Ready for summer!


Here we are heading out to see the film Tomorrowland!

Spring Carnival at Sasha's school.

Playing with a fire engine

Anya wanted to push every button, so the fireman had stop her about 10 times.  I should take her on a tour of a missile launch facility!

Coincidentally, we next moved to the missile launch!

Water pressure rocket launch!

Anya had a great flight.

Because she's soooooo strong!


She decided to take a crawl on the wall.

Up she goes!

She had high hopes, but probably had on the wrong shoes.  The repelling was fun!

Time to bounce

This was a bouncer the kids loved, but it took a super long time to get in the gear...

...then the whole game is just running with a giant rubber band strapped to your back and seeing how far you can get and drop a bean bag on the wall to mark your end point?

The slide was much easier

Sasha and her crew just running around

Cakewalk Video

Spring Carnival at Sasha's school.

Cupcakes after winning the Cake Walk!

Sasha guards the new family Lamborgini

Eating dinner at a fancy new restaurant in town.  They have a large vegetarian selection!


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