March 2015: Snowpacalypse, Peanut-butter Cookie Time, Snowmagheddon: Snow Mans Land, Pete Nelson: Lego Tree House Master, School Picture for Sasha, Battle of the Books: The Final Battle, Cats, New Pool and fun at the new Rec Center, Cinderella, Sasha Re-Pixies her hair, Fairy Sisters, Swim Club Birthday Party, Anya discovers Checkers, Alan's New Camera

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Snowpacalypse continued with a 3rd snowfall

At this point the kids have had about a week off from school 

And there was no end in sight.

As long as there was snow on the ground, the schools were closed.

And the kids were happy.

While making peanut butter cookies, Sasha remembered that Grandma Wiseman had given her some Peanut Butter Cookie design imprint stamps


So we put it to use!

Our 4th, and last, Snowmagheddon event for the year was subtitled "Snow Mans Land"

Not bad for a couple kids from the South!


Olaf would be proud.

A gloomy winter day requires a new Lego creation

Anya opens up the Tree House kit that she got for Christmas

First they assemble Pete Nelson.

As fans of the Show Treehouse Masters, they know that no giant tree house can be assembled without Pete Nelson!

Here we see the foundation of the tree and then house

Finally it's play time!

And playtime continues every day thereafter.

Sasha dressed up for a class/club picture day at school

With a cute and Springy new dress!

Back at the Citywide final for Americas Battle of the Books!

Video Clip


The Cooltastic Penguins got off to a great start

(Side note: It was at this event that I decided that I needed a new camera)

Tied for the lead after the first round

Then the questions got harder

And still they excelled.  But other teams did too and once they missed a couple questions there was no way to gain them back.

They ended up in 5th Place.  I bought them all baby cacti as prizes.

Professor Cupcake and Jack Jack keep busy.

The community center was rebuilt with a posh new pool!

So we went to check it out on "Free Membership" day!

Maybe we will join this year

The kids did have fun playing in the pool and doing crafts.

Cinderella movie day.  Hurray!  So nice, we saw it twice!


Sasha before and after she got her hair re-pixied for Spring.

Anime princesses

Sasha at a pool party birthday for a friend at school

Cake and treats


Presents and fun.  Good times!

Anya discovers checkers and 2 games later becomes a fearsome competitor and House Champion

Sasha and Birthday Bear pose for the first picture with my new camera.



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