June 2015: Norfolk Harborfest, Beach, Mt. Trashmore, Sasha Class Field Day, Anya Class Party, Grandma & Grandpa Fisher Visit, Father's Day, Jungle Golf

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Here we are at the Norfolk Harborfest

First we got to see a Mermaid!


Then we saw these guys called The Red Trouser Show

They were really good

Here's their website:  http://www.redtrousershow.com/

It was pretty hot outside.  Lucky their heads were not to sweaty.

Juggling around a child who wandered into the show


Then it was time for the big ladder finale

This was just a regular ladder held by ropes by some volunteers

They were way up there!


Here's the real reason we went to the festival

I found out one of our favorite bands was going to be there!

They are called Good Old War

Here's their website:  http://www.goodoldwar.com/

Here's a link to our favorite song by the band:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhtBeSX3blg

Before the show, while they were setting up Sasha and Anya ran up to the stage to asked them if they were going to play our favorite song.

They said they would

They sound great live

Here's a video clip I took:  Good Old War: Clip 1


More Videos: Good Old War: Clip 2, Good Old War: Clip 3, Good Old War: Clip 4

Police snipers on the roof of the building across the street keep the crowd "in control."

After the show Sasha waited for about 30 minutes to meet them.

Here they are autographing a CD for her

Then they spent a few minutes chatting with her and complimenting her hair and outfit.  They were super cool.

The crowd get's thicker for the headliners of the night, Morris Day & The Time!

The kids could care less about The Time, but I was pretty geeked to see them

I was a huge fan when I was a kid during the Purple Rain days

They put on a amazing concert

Morris is totally the same character as I remember from like 30 years ago!

Here he is calling a bunch of "ladies" from the crowd up onto the stage

Here's a bunch of video clips I shot:

The Time: Clip 1, The Time: Clip 2, The Time: Clip 3, The Time: Clip 4, The Time: Clip 5

The night ended with a pretty long and amazing fireworks display

Anya wasn't sure which was noisier, The Time or the Fireworks!

Here's a clip of the finale:  Fireworks!


That was a fun festival!


Who would win a fight between Gamera and Godzilla?  Only the Ouija Board can tell us with any certainty.


Free Donut day at Krispy Kreme!

A day at the Bay

Sasha capsizes the family yacht

They eventually recover and float on.

Launching stomp rockets at Mt. Trashmore.


Anya gets a running start and then blast off!


Anya flies her Angry Bird kite


She did a great job keeping it flying

Then she started doing some flips and loops

Then Sasha shot it down with a bow and arrow

Just kidding, she was over her target shooting at a Frisbee hung from a tree

Later we did some skating

Anya likes her new board because she can scoot on her knee with the padded grip tape.

I pulled these photos off the kids cameras

Looks like a platoon of Lego folk are gonna fight a unicorn?  Or they are being commanded by a unicorn?

Either way... Professor Cupcake is watching

Anya on the swingset, a Sasha selfie

Sasha made these Thank You notes for her friends for coming to the Spa Party


Here we are at her friend Aida's Pizza place down at the beach for lunch


Yummy food!


Here they are at the spa.  This was the big prize that the kids won at the Norfolk Ghent Masquerade from Halloween with their Steampunk outfits.


Aida, Katherine, Sasha & Anya...  ready for spa day!


Anya inspects her makeup


Picking out nail polish colors


Sasha made up

Aida getting her hair done

Anya getting her nails done


Katherine gets some curls and Sasha gets nails to match her hair

They also got donuts and goodiebags!

All spa'd up and ready to go...

...To the mall!  For Bubble Tea and Disney Tsum Tsum's

and candy....

Nail colors to match bubble tea!

And finally, the day ends at the movies for Jurassic World.

Sasha and her class had their final elementary school field day at the Virginia Beach Field House

Sasha and Katherine at the Cake Station


Sasha and her friends getting more cake

Some of the boys at the snack bar

More of the class of 5th grade graduates

At the class photobooth

Sasha, Katherine and Aida doing Yoga

Once again, back at the cake tables

Giving Mrs. Parker her end of the year present

A bag of fun beach stuff and a framed and signed word cloud from the class.

Sashi eating her custom sushi lunch

Aida is done, Sasha is a slow eater.

Anya's class has an end of the year party


Anya and her friend Jaida

Andrew and Elija

Anya packs up her desk

All the kids with summer birthdays had a party at the end of the year


Mrs. Calder's class was great!  On to 2nd Grade!

Sasha holds up Artbot.  A robot that they programmed to draw designs.

Sasha and her team at the Robotics Expo at school


One of the other teams designed a bot that followed lines already drawn.

Design schematics for The Artbot.

The programming and coding members of the team.

Team Artbot!  Video Clip of Bot in action:  Artbot


Grandma and Grandpa arrive during an early summer hot spell

First they start with an avalanche of presents!

Mad Libs and Craft sets

Frozen puzzles!

Inside Out Plushies!  Hurray!

Professor Cupcake inspects the gifts

Anya gets a stained glass window are set and a very cool charm bracelet

Sasha inherits Pompa Johnson's disco ball!

When we fire this up in their room at night the cats go crazy.

Grandpa demonstrates the disco ball and a few disco moves.

Playing craps with Grandma and Grandpa (I think they called it Farkle?)

Whatever you call it, a great deal of money changed hands.


I dragged the family to the Cajun Festival even though it was like 110 degrees. 
We stayed long enough for me to stuff myself with food, then evacuated back to the aircondition.


Anya and Grandma assemble her charm bracelet.  Grandpa clips it on her.


Heading out to the movie theatre for Inside Out!


Back at the house the next morning for fancy breakfast

Sasha and Anya set up a festival of games in the back yard

Grandpa plays one of the games

The girls pull ahead

Grandpa threatens to "even things up" with a tiny golf club.

Alan scores!

Volley ball with Anya

Bucket ball with Grandma

Grandpa plays some Southern Cornhole!

Everybody plays Ticket to Ride

Anya created some signage for Father's Day


Sasha did some of the other decorations

The railings were heavily featured.

Custom cards for Dadddy!

Anya had made this one at school

It was a joint card for Daddy and Grandpa


Some of my favorite Bath & Body works fragrances

Anya explains the card to Grandpa

Holly's card said "What is a Dad?"  and inside it said "You!  You is a dad!"

Sasha and Grandpa do a little more gambling 

The visit ends with an epic seafood stuffening at Captain Georges!


Using up a certificate that Anya won during the school year for perfect attendance. 

Putt Putt Jungle Golf 

Everybody started off slow 

Anya uses a crazy hockey stance 

Sasha eventually dropped 3 holes in one in a row!

I eventually showed Anya how to hold the club

She did much better on the remaining holes 

Sasha ended up winning the day by one stroke! 

Sasha got her hair touched up and it's bluer than ever!


Anya running around the house playing "Matrix".   A Matrix sketch on Sasha's folder.

Anya beating me at Checkers and then Chess.  Sasha playing Amish settlers?


A random selfie with Daddy.  Sasha shows off her favorite new shirt.

Celebrating Leslie Knope day at Mt. Trashmore.

Anya:  Skate Rat 

Here's a random video clip of the kids in the yard spying on birds:  Birdwatching


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