July 2015: 4th of July, Beach Days, Anya Birthday, Cloud 9, Sasha Birthday, Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman Visit

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We started off the month at the Planetarium watching Plan 9 From Outer Space

Then 4th of July Firework with Carter and Makenzie

The fireworks started early and we were surprised that the whole show seemed to be a finale. 
Then about 5 seconds after it ended it started pouring rain!  Guess they knew it was coming. 
Luckily there was room in Michelle's car to drive us over to our car that was parked about a half mile away.

Playing at the Bay

The kids like the bay better than the ocean because there's no waves.  :(

Setting off a Mentos Coke explosion out in the yard

See Video:  Mentos Blast

We tried it a second time but with no success.

Anya's 7th Birthday Week Begins

Present #1

The Never Girls Book Series!

This year, instead of the Botanical Gardens, Anya wanted to go to Cloud 9


It's a indoor Trampoline Park

Getting excited before she was released into the bounce zone

On one side of the room they have an American Ninja course


With all kinds of climbing obstacles and foam blocks to fall into


Taking a bounce break with Kenzie

Here Anya demonstrates the launch trampolines where you can bounce off and into a foam pit

Here's a ton of Video Clips:

Cloud9anyabounce1.mp4 | Cloud9anyabounce2.mp4 | Cloud9anyajump1.MOV | Cloud9anyaninja.mp4 | Cloud9anyaninja1.mp4

 Cloud9anyaninja3.mp4 | Cloud9anyaninja4.mp4 | Cloud9anyaninja5.mp4 | Cloud9anyaswing1.MOV | Cloud9anyaswing2.MOV

 Cloud9anyaswing3.mp4 | Cloud9hollyanyabounce1.MOV | Cloud9hollybounce.MOV | Cloud9hollyswing.mp4

 Cloud9kenzieanyabounce.MOV | Cloud9sashaanyabounce.mp4 | Cloud9sashahoops.mp4 | Cloud9sashaswing1.MOV

Sasha on the trapeze!  This swings from a high platform and then you can land in the foam blocks

Anya's favorite thing is to just run around on the trampoline floor

Sasha shoots some hoops on the slam dunk bounce court


This guy bounced too high.

Anya taking a swing from the trapeze


Anya also loves the Ninja course

And it wouldn't be Anya if she didn't take a black eye fall on her first bounce out of the gate.  It's almost impossible to hurt yourself here, but Anya found a way.


Sasha relaxing after an hour of non-stop bouncing.

Afterbounce Birthday lunch at IHOP

Over at the kids table


Opening presents & Birthday Video


Birthday card custom made by Sasha


A book about China and a RC Monster Truck!

Anya shows off her black eye from Cloud 9

Back home, more presents

More Never Girl books

And a giant Lego set from Sasha!

Looking at all the pieces

A Summer Bridge Learning workbook

Anya pages through her homework


The big present.  The big thing Anya wanted for her birthday was a telescope!

Happy Birthday Cupcake!  Video song

A Sailor Moon skirt!


Water Balloon Battle in the back yard.

10 paces and then Fire!


A miss and then back to the balloon depot for a reload.


Sasha get's the Third Book in the School for Good and Evil series on opening day.  Anya Mine Crafts.  Double Cherries!

Bubble storm in the back yard

This new bubble machine only lasted about a week


Our never ending quest for a durable bubble machine that doesn't need 8 batteries at a time continues.

On our way to see Tomorrowland

Rifftrax of Sharnado 2

Sasha and I at the ocean.  Our first day at North Shore this summer.

It was a perfect afternoon

Sasha even boogie boarded.

Then she got excited about it

It's rare to get Sasha in the waves

But the 1 foot breaks seemed just her size

As the suns set in the west

We got in a few more good rides


Then called it a day.

Sasha got an ipod Touch for her birthday.  She could not wait until the day to open it.

Waiting for smoothies at a mod fro yo.

Sasha begins her week long present openings


She started with a super surprise gift that went with our family binge watch summer show of 2015.

Parks and Recreation


Mouse Rat!  It was 5000 Candles in the Win Awesome!

And a Kyubey plushie from Madoka Magica

Sasha's favorite Anime

Out for a birthday day at the museum with Katherine and Aida

First a fancy lunch at No Frills Bar and Grill

Yummy!  Some poding.

Then a trip to the Chrysler Museum



Starbucks with Grandma

Meanwhile, since Anya wasn't invited to the big girl party...

She scored a return trip with Daddy and Grandpa back to Cloud 9


Now she was an experienced tight rope walker

And she trampolined all hour without injury!

Jumping off the Ledge for a Bigger Bounce

She has awesome NInja skills now

Her training is complete

And with a swing and a bounce...   whooosh..... She's gone.

Grandma and Grandpa share a bunch of new jewelry and treasures.

Inspecting the wares

Grandma braided Anya's hair

Then adorned her.

Fancy Girl!


Sasha wanted a simple sheet cake.

More Anime plushies


Queen of the Tearling Novel

And the star of the show!  A Luna Dress (Sailor Moon!)


The next day included a hammock!

Then the cash started rolling in!

And a Blu Ray of My Neighbor Totoro

And a Summer Bridge activity book

Full of summer fun homework!

Presents from the Rowlands!

Star Wars

and Adventure Time!

At the Chesapeake bay with Grandma & Grandpa

Anya swimming around

The Wiseman Family Yacht meets the Ocean!

Mom watches while floating on her circa 1969 fabric raft!
Fun Fact:  When this raft was manufactured, not all of the world's oceans had yet been dscovered!

Sasha is the new Captain of the SS Wiseman

Grandpa shows off his new ripped figure

And saves the abandoned ship from floating out to sea

Back on dry land.

Rummikub competition pitted the Virginia Beach Team Vs. Detroit.    VA Beach was victorious!

A nice way to end the trip.  At the Farmer's Market.


We had a great time on a rare summer visit!  Come back and play again!



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