January 2015: Lost Teeth, Street Fighter, Lego Ghostbusters, Snowhere to Run, Glowing Mini-Golf

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We had to get this picture quickly when Anya lost a second tooth after Christmas.  The other front one was actually the one we thought would go first!

Anya playing at the library

Then the next day the other tooth dropped.

At Dylan's Birthday Sasha and Anya discovered Street Fighter


Alan discovered garlic knots swimming in butter


About 8 dollars later, Sasha was taking out all challengers.  She got really good really fast.  Then ate a giant brownie sundae to celebrate.


Of the 2 giant Lego sets Alan got for Christmas, we decided to start with the smaller one


This is what the 508 pieces of the Ecto-One Ghostbusters car and figures looks like, pre-assembly.


Here's how fat the instruction manual is!  Wow!

Here we are sorting out all the pieces before we begin

Just thought I would point out that of the 508 pieces, this one here, is the only "classic LEGO" 2x8 size piece in the whole set!


Sasha and Anya assemble the Ghostbusters and their proton packs

 Sasha shows off the team

We begin the car.

Making some progress

Starting to look familiar

At this point we are about 2 hours into it.

Just the top of the car took like 30 minutes!


Sasha noticed that there was no Slimer!  So she built one herself using parts from another set.

Construction complete.

Including "sort-time" we got it done in a little under 3 hours.  Not bad.

Look at my cool new toy!  I let the kids play with it for a couple days then took it up to my office.

Cold Stone coupons = ice cream day!

Our big "snowstorm" of the year happened on a day that the kids already had off from school!  What a rip-off!

Sasha begins to gather ALL of the snow in the backyard to build a snowman


Under the snow was a LOT of mud and wet ground, their snow suits had to go straight into the wash.

But they were able to get about 1.5 snowmen built!


Using a Skinny Dip frozen yogurt coupon left over from Halloween Costume Contest winnings.


Anya wanted to go play putt-putt golf.  So I found this indoor glow mini-golf at one of the nearby malls


Holly tees up!

That was a fun afternoon!  Anya loved just running around in the glowing room most of all.


They also scored a My Little Pony Friendship necklace!  Good times!


Holly poses with some Pillow Pets

Anya doodling in the sunshine.  Happy January everyone!


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