February 2015:  Comicon Nerd Garage Sale, Shake Buddies, Battle of the Books Preliminary Round, Super Citizen Anya, Sasha's Spirit Week,  Snow Country For Old Men (and the injury)

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Comic-con 2015 had a fund raising Nerd Garage Sale

The girls heard there was going to be some Sailor Moon stuff there


We got there early and bought all of it!  That was a happy day.


They closed the Johnny Rockets at our mall :( so we had to go elsewhere for our malts.

Sasha's Battle of the Books 2015 Team - The Cooltastic Penguins 

Next they are on to the grand finale at the Central Library next month. 

America's Battle of the Books is a reading competition among 5th Graders. 

Students read books and come together in groups to demonstrate their abilities and to test their knowledge of the books they have read in a quiz bowl type format.

It was a pretty neat competition

They won the semi-final competition in the city-wide competition!

Sasha with her team shirt and certificate for winning!


Anya wins Citizen of The Month and gets her award....For Fairness. 

The class voted her the fairest in all the land!


She got all kinds of coupons and swag including donuts!

And a yard sign for the month!   Hurray Anya!

For Spirit Week, Sasha creates a cool costume for "Tourist from the Future" Day.

Good to know we'll still have beach rentals...   on the moon!


This was her outfit for 60's and 70's day.  Peace sister!

Then the Ice Storm came

Snow Country For Old Men

As you can see in the photos, the kids are actually walking on top of the snow!


It was crazy slippery


In fact..  These two photos were taken in the seconds before Anya fell hard.

You can see the radial pattern of the injury where her chin broke through the ice and cut her in concentric circles as her face mashed deeper though the ice covered snow.  Then to make matters worse I ran over, swept her up in my arms to carry her in, immediately lost my balance and tossed her into the air where she crashed down on her tailbone as I recovered my footing.  Daddy to the rescue!


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