Christmas 2014

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Kitty Shirt Twins.  Ready to leave for Christmas in Michigan.

Holly is pool pal at our first stop.  Because Alan was too wimpy to walk outside to get to the pool.

But the water was warm and fun!

We took three days to drive up, so here we are at the hotel on day 2

A much nicer place than our first night!

With a better pool too!


Ledge jumping


above and below


Time to see if the Hotel Fairy left anything for us!

Holly starts Christmas break with a trip to her favorite...  Big Boy!


Sasha wrapping some of her presents

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Sylvia's room points in One Direction, toward The Hunger Games.

Christmas presents gather under Grandma & Grandpa's private upstairs tree

Dinner, then some coloring

Making fun of Dollar store coloring books

It's Randolf the Green Nosed Wood Deer!

Bedding down in the kids room.

Christmas Eve is here

Christmas kids

Cookie decorating time

The frosted battle begins

The room is silent as each shake of sugar and smear of goo is meticulously placed.

Sasha beams with pride, but has accomplished little.  One cookie?  That's it?



Kang & Kodos from The Simpsons.  Eat your frosted cookies humans!

Anya "helps" Angela decorate this decoration

Holiday movie watchin

The children gather for their Christmas Eve PJ'ing

Adventure Time!


Sylvia shows off her new onesie

Modeling their new robes too!

Yes you're a good dog!

Twas the Night Before Christmas


Grandpa tells the tale

Cookies, Cocoa and a demanding ransom-type note scrawled in their own blood to Santa.

Here's Lucy!


Too excited to sleep!

Early Christmas Morning

Before the melee


The quiet before the storm

Will there be shock or awwwwwwwww!


This giant pink unicorn is probably a lock though, right?

The pitter patter of little feet

Down they come

Anya is pleased, Sasha is still in Pacific Rim shock

Anya notices the ipod

Sasha finds her favorite Kaiju

Now she can play Minecraft on 4 different devices at once!

Sasha likes her Gipsy Danger Backpack.  Olaf likes warm hugs!

Comics and Pacific Rim pants!

More presents?

Lego time!

Lego Star Wars!

Sasha's present to Anya

Sylvia tears into one of hers

Holly gets the mug that Anya bought for her at the Secret Santa Shop and Sasha, the keychain.

Sasha bought Holly a MSU shirt and the kids got Alan some zombie stuff!

But what's this?

A surprise present for Alan from Holly?

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Simpsons Lego House!


The one I was coveting at Disney World!  Click here.

That's a Happy boy!

Hurray for Holly!  Nice job!  Great surprise!

Sasha finds a Yoyo in her stocking.

The stocking keeps paying out!

Nyan Cat and Sailor Moon!




Sasha's cool equation watch


Ghost Goggles

Gipsy Danger and a Wreath of Bells

Where did the floor go?

Which direction is that again Sylvie?

Michigan State for Mark and slippers for Grandma

Presents from Lucy

Modeling his new State duds

Grandpa get's what appears to be a gigantic shirt!


Holly hangs with the unicorn

Christmas morning overload


Grandma & Grandpa open their stockings


The kids all text each other about how much fun they are having.  

Anya lounges on her unicorn and builds worlds

Sasha re-enacts some Kaiju / Jaeger battles


All dressed up and ready for Roland Christmas!


The food is ready


And so is Anya

Lucy gets the first taste of the Christmas Punch

Sasha worries about being the one who messes up the berry dish


But she can't resist the giant strawberries

Dad loads up and Holly chows down

Finally the unwrapping begins

Youngest first, Anya.  A Hello Kitty Airplane!


Crochet kit!

The Rainbow Dash hoodie...

... that she will wear constantly for the next month

Grandma gets the good stuff!


The softest blanket ever made.  

Lucy starts her opening.  The mid-lings wait impatiently.


A Sony Boombox!  Now she can officially start her break-dancing phase!

Sasha gets her super blanket

Godzilla Chibis and a Steampunk book!

After opening her book of The Elements she flips to her favorite.  Silicon!  Nice!


The Magic 8 Ball she's been wanting for years.  Is she happy?  Signs point to yes.


The finale is a Grandma "Off-list" Super score!  A Sailor Moon figure!  Way to go Grandma!


Anya plays for laughs

Sasha opens her giant Marvel Universe Encyclopedia

Ironically, 4 Weeks later, Marvel announces plans to end All Marvel Universes.


Sylvia opens something small that makes her happy.  Some Direction thingy?


Hunger Games gear!


A Tangled tote!


Anna takes the chair

And gets Cumberbatched


Sasha is enamored with her Sailor Moon

Boots and hoodies

Tess models everything she opens

And always takes time to read the cards

Boots were all the rage this year

And another one of those cuddle blankets

Maddie and Collin cash is with Gamestop cards

And Silly String from Anya!

Lucy opens some new gear

Sasha gets Wondla and Anya some Minecraft toys

And a Minecraft T-shirt

Adventure Time fun

A plushie is always a good get for Anya

Those kids and their rock music

Walkie talkies and spy gear

Anya picked out this feather boa for Tess

Later that evening the gamg plays Apples to Apples


That was one swell Christmas!

Aunt Mary takes the crew out for dinner at the Chinese Buffet

Everyone in the back new it was picture time!

Grandpa takes everyone's portrait

Another terrible photo of Tess

The "cool" end of the table?

And under the table as well!

A Tarantino still of the gang headed out to watch some Hobbits

It's a Marshmallow World

Anya Spins: The Video

A cookie before bed at the Rowland's

Anya steels herself for Christmas 2


Lisa tosses the Fattoush

This year the Christmas 2 was catered by Aladdin's!  Yum!

Anya cuddling is a popular pastime

The girls text about how good the food is

Mark needs some quiet time

Jeff captures a photo of the photographer

Dad takes a nice group portrait of the ladies

And a rare Wiseman Family photo too!

Tess.   She's everywhere!


The presents of Christmas 2!

Collin and Maddie take their place on the couch of gifting

They open some new gear

and the PS4 games that will occupy the rest of their year

Backpacks and Who stuff


Alan scores an amazing double awesome!

Holly gets some new spoons!


Collin signals for a couple's photo


Emery grabs some State stuff on the way out

Mark scores the Sandman Volume 1 as well too!

Lisa gets Station Eleven 

Anya collapses from boredom

Bowls.  New bowls!

Guess who got Mom & Dad the new toaster?  The most appreciated present of the entire holiday?


Sasha in the glow of the fire

Dad gets a nice map book

Mom opens her second and decidedly "favorite" scarf.

That's 22 Stations!

A gift for Grandma from Sasha & Anya and one from Tess


Aunt Mary hands out great gift cards for Schuler Books!

Lisa dances a little jig in celebration


Aunt Mary always has great reactions to every gift.

A cuddly new sweater

Mark and Angela nod off

Dad opens his birthday presents!

A spiffy new model airplane

A talking duck


And a sit-down with the grandkids

The next morning we awoke to find this

A furious Kaiju and Jaeger battle had erupted in the middle of Christmas Village!

The devastation was absolute

Few survived and those who did were scared forever

But it was OK, cuz Sasha thought it was funny!


Bye bye Uncle Jeff!

So long Aunt Mary!

Adieu to you Michigan!  

And Stephen... we'll miss you most of all!

Grandma Wiseman opens her special present

The painting that Sasha did that was selected and hung at the Museum of Contemporary Art earlier in the year.

Grandma loved it!

Grandpa opens the Peanuts calendar the kids picked out for him.

And the Superman T-shirt

And a nifty catcher's mitt oven glove

Anya tries on a few hats

Alan and Bendy celebrate their 39th Anniversary

We let Anya take a few pictures too

Back at home for Birthday Cake for Grandpa

Don't let the cat blow out the candles!

Make a wish!

A berry good breakfast before we start the drive home


Grandma gives the girls some gear to ring in the new year.

Back in the water again

This hotel has a great pool



A new game where the kids steer me around the pool by tapping on the sides of my head

Sasha said my hair was "so long!"

Kid tossing

One last jump for 2014

Waking up Anya to ring in the New Year

Happy 2015!  Another great Christmas!



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