August 2015: MST3K Planetarium, Berry Picking, Anya & Daddy Week, Beach Days

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Sasha geared up for Mystery Science Theater Night at the Planetarium.

One of the fun things we decided to do while Holly and Sasha were in Seattle, was Berry Picking!

Blueberries and Blackberries

I remember berry picking as a kid and getting all scratched up by thorns and brambles

But this farm has wide rows and these berries are a cinch to pluck from the bushes

Anya on Blueberry duty

Anya!  Your being to selective!  Work harder!

But beware of the gigantic spiders!

Eeeeeewwwww!  Yikes!


Farmer Alan

It's really peaceful and nice here.  Way out in the country.

How ya doing Anya?  That's better.  Keep picking!

The bushes were laden with berries!

And another giant spider!  Notice the size in relation to the blackberries in the picture!

Our harvest complete


Taking them to the weighing station

Then back to the car!

At home de-stemming the harvest!  Not a bad haul for 8 bucks!  (We ate them all in about 3 days)

The next thing Anya wanted to do was go bowling!

Real bowling, not Wii bowling

So we engaged the bumpers and she did pretty good!

I think this was only her second time bowling!

She didn't use the tracks like the kids on the left.

Here's a video clip.

Bumpers make you a better bowler!

Right on target!


Her handle was Pickle Kitten and I was Patrick Star. Every kid at the lane wanted to see my Skull Ball.
I am a "Kingpin" among the 7 year olds! Gotta start growing out the Ernie McCracken comb-over.

The next day it was

Air Hockey and Swimming at the Community Center

Then we finished out the weekend with Captain Georges!

Then magic and ice cream down at the ocean


The magic show was fun

They did new tricks in each set all night!

And we finished up with Fireworks on the beach

And a late night run in the sand

We had a pretty fun week while Holly and Sasha were in Seattle!

We convinced Anya to go to the ocean for the day

The waves were small so she relented

Some boogie boarding on the shore

She was still to freaked to actually boogie in the ocean

Sasha is getting braver about it

Time to dig a pit

Then sit in the pit

A hole lot of fun at the beach!

The long shadows of sunset on the Atlantic Ocean.


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