April 2015: Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman Visit & Easter

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Holly came home from her conference and brought baskets full of sundries looted from her hotel!

Grandma & Grandpa flew in from Michigan to check out the gift baskets that they had heard so much about!

Dinner at the new kitchen table and chairs!

Grandma opens up her suitcase of goodies!

Checking out all the stuff!


Coloring with Grandma & cuddling with Grandpa

Birthday selfie at the beach

Michiganders bundled up at the beach

Not a lot of sunbathers today

More shells for us!

Digging for treasure

They found lots of shells and "fossils"

Beach buddies

Spongebob Squarepants


Time to dye the Easter Eggs!  Professor Cupcake and Seņor Salsa supervise.

Dippin da Eggs


Some wax customizations


Anya is a master Egger


A job well done!


Back to the coloring.

Anya loves the Fossils book from Grandma!


Sasha, desperately pleads with the Tooth Fairy to pay her for the tooth she accidentally swallowed earlier in the day AND to not be freaked out if if the Easter Bunny is also creeping around the house tonight.


The Easter Bunny loads up the baskets

Lego Elves and Bubbles.  That Bunny knows what we likes!

The cats find good hiding places.


Coming down stairs Easter morning

Anya zeroes in on her first basket


Sasha Lego-Radar brings her right to the loot.

Anya finds her elves too!


Sasha notices that the Tooth Fairy indeed came through with a Peacocked Fiver


Anya bunnies-up

Bubble blasters!

"No basket for Cupcake?" 



The Commemorative Egg

Grandma and Sasha Devil the Eggs up all fancy-like


Last day of the visit.  Alan's Birthday lunch at Mahi Mahs.

Lean in for food and fun!

"More edamame for me!" say the kids.

Another great visit!  Thanks for coming to play with us Grandma & Grandpa!


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