April 2015: Alan's Birthday, Arcade Day, Eagles!, STEM Night, Bike Day, Birthday Party, The Simpsons Lego House, Avengers IMAX Double Feature Sneak Preview

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Sasha does some elaborate chalk art.


Sailor Moon

The kids took me out to Birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant!  And my insurance and mortgage companies were the first to send me cards!

April play with bubbles at Mt. Trashmore.

Anya, Ssha and Katherine hit the newly remodeled arcade at the boardwalk


Air hockey!


The new paint and carpet really classied up the joint

A little too classy for my tastes

Arcades need a good dinge

Katherine's first visit to the arcade and first game of Doodle Jump was a huge ticket winning success!  

150 Tickets!  That's like 15 cents worth of prizes!

We are opposed to the stompin but this game pays out lots of tickets.

Mini Dunxx and Skee ball!

A quick Street Fighter vs. Marvel battle.

50 ticket payout on the Big Price is Right Wheel.
As the kids were cashing in their tickets to pick out prizes, Anya needed like 8 more tickets to get the prize she wanted.  I ran over to the Big Price is Right Wheel to get a few more tickets and landed on that green sliver that won the Grand Prize 1000 tickets and a free spin for more.  Then I had to wait for like 20 minutes as the machine pumped out 1000 tickets which I then had to feed into another machine for about 10 minutes to get the prize credits!

We were going to miss our dinner reservation because of my windfall at the arcade, so Katherine joined us for dinner!

As we were driving home we saw some people taking a picture of something.

Luckily, I had my fancy new crazy zoom camera!

This is the mother Eagle with her nest

And this is the father in a nearby tree watching

As I write this it's making me miss Stephen Colbert.  :(

Anya's school had a STEM night!

That's Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Here is Anya learning about photosensitivity

The researchers from NASA used these UV lamps to teach the kids

And some beads to make bracelets

Under the UV rays the beads would change from white to different colors!  Science!

Over in the cafeteria, the Air and Space museum brought a squad of robots!

Robot arms

This cool ball controlled by an ipad

Anya loved that

A remote controlled dinosaur

That was neat because it had all kinds of sensors that could detect sound and objects around it.

First bike ride of the new year.  (Check out my new fat tire beach bike on the left!)

We were searching for new bike trails in town

We found a nice new park that had trails that crossed the water!


But the paved bike trail was super short!

So we went over to the big trail at Mt. Trashmore instead.

It was a nice day for riding

Anya is getting too big for her bike

Sasha loves the attention her recumbent bike gets.

Cats in the window.

Makenzie wanted a Glitter Pic for her 13th Birthday!

Anya learned how to tie her shoes, so a fairy brought her some new My Little Pony sox!
We were shopping the other day and she tied this old bandana on her head and told everyone in the store she was a "villager"

Here's a couple video clips of Anya singing a cute song from school!  (Same song, versions)

Anya Sings her Song of Spring: Take 1

Anya Sings her Song of Spring: Take 2

Anya got invited to a birthday party.

At the bounce house!  

So that was a fun time!

They upgraded the bouncers since the last time we were there.

Cake and snack time!

Anya uses her goodie bag candy to customize her cupcake!


That's a blingy cake!  Happy Birthday Elijah!

I finally had time to build my Simpsons Lego house that I got for Christmas!

2523 pieces.  Even these lawn chairs each had about 8 pieces to snap together.

Sasha builds a wheelbarrow while I start on the family car


Car complete

Foundation of the garage

Workbench, sink and Tools

All done!  We are a couple hours in at this point.

Sorting the next lot of pieces

Starting the ground floor of the house

Anya enjoyed playing with the components as they were assembled

Half of the Living room

Half of the Kitchen

The other halves

Halves assembled with hinge

Starting second floor.  Look!  The beginning of the toilet!

View from the famous couch and TV downstairs

Master bedroom and Lisa's room done.  6+ hours in.  Had to call it a day and finish the following weekend.  Still 2-3 hours to go!

The next weekend.  Finished the bathroom and upper foyer.

All rooms complete except Bart's

His room is a whole module by itself, seen here complete.

And that's it!  The Lego Simpsons House!

Beds, furniture, decorations, vacuum, piano, crib, kitchenette

Upstairs, downstairs

Lisa's vanity, the Living room couch and painting

Everything together and a nice detailed shot of the bathroom!

Looking down with the roof off

The door into the house from the garage.  Anya & Sasha were very excited to play with it.

Great work team!

We finished the month with a IMAX 3D Sneak Preview Double Feature of the Avengers and Avengers Age of Ultron!


It was awesome!  See Review here!


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