Wiseman Visit: Airport Trip for Nothing, ODU Planetarium, Portsmouth Children's Museum with Cousins from New Jersey, Hotel Pool with Cousins from New Jersey, Easter, Lunch at the Beach

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Because I misunderstood the travel times, I took the day off work to spend with my brother.

The kids and I arrived early Wed at the airport and waited about an hour before we realized that he was not coming until the next morning.

Ironically, if he had arrived according to my schedule, instead of breaking his collar bone a few hours before leaving, missing the trip and spending 3 weeks in pain, we could have spent the day at the movies or playing with the girls.  ;)

Here we are at the ODU Planetarium in Norfolk.  Looking at all the stars we can't actually see from here due to the light pollution in the city.

Breakfast with Grandma & Grandpa

Arrival at the Portsmouth Children's Museum.

Getting in a bubble with the Jersey cousins.

Bubble Trouble.

At the wand pond.

Grandpa makes bubble windows!

Shayna and Sasha in the bubble

Shayna, Sasha and Alex in the bubble.


Can we get all 4 in there?  Anya too?  Yes!

Bail on the bubbles, onto the ship.

Fishing off the tugboat

Shayna fishes, Alex rides the bus.

Anya runs the register at the grocery store.

Then heads over with Grandpa to the musical noise room.



The only dentist chair that a kid will hop into.  One not in a dentist office.

Brushing teeth and picking noses

Dr. Sasha

At the vet clinic.

We shrunk Grandpa!


Tree house

Tinker Toys!

Spinning Pictures and Art

Pin Wall

Sasha and Alex create their own art!

Anya joins in.

Shayna hoops a beach ball with an air cannon.

Touching Science!

Anya lifts and Elephant


Science waves

 A Series of Tubes!  (Early prototype of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens Internet)

Anya in a darn beaver dam


Tiny children

This museum is even fun on the outside!


Playing on a chilly day at Mt. Trashmore

Dinner at the Japanese Buffet

Playing in the pool at the cousin's hotel.

Well, actually at the hotel next door (after we waited like 4 hours for the other pool to open.)

But the kids don't care.  A Pool's a Pool.


Easter Morning


Search and find what the Bunny left behind!

2 Baskets found

Sasha freaks out over her Tangled Lego Castle

Anya loves her tiny elephant plushie

Anya get's one of the last Frozen dolls found on the North American continent

Decorating Eggs with Grandma 


Nice job Eggers

Sasha poses with both views of her castle.

The Easter Eggs are transformed into Deviled Chicks


Grandpa whips up some of his famous Latkes.  He even brought his electric frying pan down south in his suitcase!


Lunch at school with Anya then making cookies after school.

Grandpa pets his only grandson.


The Cat Dolphin

Lunch with Grandma & Grandpa at the Ocean.  

We had a fun visit!  See you in the summer?


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