September 2014: Adventure Time with Sam Ellis, First Day of School, Baby Ducks, Garden, New Parks, The Beach, Neptune Festival, Class Visit, Pirate Day at Krispy Kreme

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Adventure Time with Sam Ellis

Sam is the author and illustrator of the Adventure Time comic and Archer, among others.

We drove over to Borderless Comics in Chesapeake to meet him.

He was super nice and drew custom sketches of Peppermint Butler for Sasha.

And BMO for Anya!

First Day of School 2014

Anya comes home happy and cute!

Mommy takes some pictures

Anya runs around the yard posing

Look like you're waiting for the bus Anya!

Now look like you're coming back

Now look happy!

Sasha arrives home like 2 hours later

It usually takes a week or so for the bus to get on schedule


That's a LONG day.  Time to rest with Jack Jack

Anya get's treats from her teacher


Anya improvises scabbards for her twin battle swords

This family of baby ducks showed up one day

Then because the kids fed them...

They returned for several days after.

It was like having new pets!

So cute and fuzzy


Here's a funny letter than Sasha left for Holly one night.

Early fall.  I'm finally ready, after the broken ankle, to plant the spring flower garden.

It turned out pretty nice.

One of the fun things we did in September was scout out new parks

The city of Virginia Beach has 265 city parks!

This was a new one over by the Japanese restaurant that we like.

Sasha forks some peanut butter cookies into existence.

A rare non-visitor trip to Pizza Pi


Pi is soooooo yummy!  And we got to eat out on the patio!

Down at the beach playground.

Sasha is afraid to jump off the wave

Anya has no such fear

Sasha eventually slid down.  Eventually.

Tagging thesand

Anya goes big.

The tide is out!


Running at the break

This park we call Acorn Park II

It was just remodeled

New playground equipment

Anya approved.


Thinking we would beat the heat and the crowd, we decided to go to the Neptune Festival in the evening this year.

Unfortunately, even though the food stands were open and there were concerts, all the art and swag booths were closed!

WE stopped by the arcade to show Mommy classic Centipede.  Her favorite video game!

Then we watched the fireworks on the beach.

Anya ran around and conducted

while the rockets red glared

Video: Fireworks 1

Video: Fireworks 2

The kids were sad that they missed all the free swag, so I took them back the next day

Spinning wheel gives good junk!

Free band aids and stuff!

Ring toss for flags and candy!

And other fun prizes.

Even free back packs to carry the swag!

A bookmobile where you get to pick any book you want!

Anya!  Quit touching everything!  

Down at the North Shore Beach


My first and only day at the actual ocean all summer.  :(

Look!  It's been 25 years and I finally found a use for the laundry bag I got at High School graduation!  Beach Toy Bag!

Great day of waves

Gentle and small surf

Super shallow low tide

Alan gets to Boogie Board for the first and only time of the summer!

Sasha captures the action

Wave Rider

Collecting shells

We found some good ones

A nice display

Then we found a live whelk!

Whelk is a common name that is applied to various kinds of sea snail

We named ours Frank Welker.  After a guy who does voices on the Simpsons and Futurama.

I took a lot of pictures of Frank

And a video too!  This is literally a video of a snail walking across a Frisbee.  Watch if you have an abundance of time.

Video: Frank Welker

It's unusual to catch something live that just washes up on shore.

Anya feeds the birds

Here we are the the 30th Anniversary of Ghost Busters!  That was fun!

Anya shows me her chair at school

Anya's desk and the room contract.

Anya shows Sasha around her old classroom.


Then we had a liquid nitrogen demonstration from the Air and Space Museum

Video: Flower Crushing 1

Video: Flower Crushing 2

For a Detroit Themed Throw Back Thursday, I took pictures of the kids in my old Wayne Elementary School Shirts.

Anya was really into the photo shoot


She thought she was gonna get a free shirt out of it!


We always keep a pirate costume next to the door

You never know when you're gonna need it!

Like when Krispy Kreme gives a free dozen to everyone wearing a pirate costume on Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Here you go Pirate Girls


Sasha and her Loot...

 Anya and her Booty!  Aaaarrrrggghhhhh!  and YUM!


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