October 2014:  Norfolk Children's Festival, Lynnhaven River Cleanup Festival, Rifftrax Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents: Anaconda

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Sasha marching around with her swag bag at The Norfolk Children's Festival


Anya gets in on the fun

We were basically just sitting around waiting for a science show to happen

Then it happened.

This was an experiment in making fun sounds with tubes.

Making some arts and crafts

Sasha twists some hearts together


Anya gets a tiara

Sasha demonstrates her amazing skill with a skip-ball

She's crazy good at this

She eventually attracted a crowd and even gave a few lessons to both kids and adults!

A bubble table!

Anya was excited about this plushy cuddle station

We were all less excited since she likely contracted a virus and then passed it around the house for the next 3 weeks.  
So we will try to avoid this "plague tent" next year.

Playing in a fire engine.  They wanted to get in the back first.


Then they took turns at the wheel.

After an eye makeup test for Halloween, we played Alan's new favorite Ladybug game.


Sasha sketching.  Always perfecting her skills.


The Lynnhaven River Cleanup Festival.  At a bee keeper honey table.


A mock river clean-up activity.


A trash tossing game

A landscaping activity and how it affects the river.


Building an oyster habitat


The woman at this table was really excited about her Moms for Clean Air program.  


Audrey II.  I remember you!

Face painting and hand painting


Anya goes for a Hello Kitty on the cheek

Sasha requests a clockwork to go with her Steampunk obsession

The finished work.

Rescued hawks

Sasha and Alan at the Rifftrax Mystery Science Theater 3000 Premier of Anaconda

Some of the jokes cards before the show started.


We love going to see the Live Rifftrax shows.  Super fun time.


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