November 2014: Fall Photos, Comic Store, Baby Chicken, Thanksgiving with Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman & Uncle Beans

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Some friends asked me to take family pictures of them, so I snapped a few of Sasha & Anya while we were at the park.


They turned out pretty good.

Sasha at the "Principals List" Awards Breakfast at school.  Straight A's for the first grading period!

Here's the girls at Borderless comics using the gift certificates they won the month before at the comic shop costume contest!


We also got to meet comic author and illustrator Drew Moss and get a autographed first edition of his new comic Terrible Lizard.

Makenzie & Carter incubated and hatched a baby chick!

So we went over to visit her before they returned her to the farm

Anya loved holding her


She was a hopping, peeping little girl.  And the chicken was cute too!

Using another gift certificate prize from Halloween, this time from the Ghent Masquerade, we got a free dozen artisan custom O's Donuts!


Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman arrive with a whole suitcase of fun stuff!


An insect alphabet, a deviled egg dish


cookie patterns and valentines cake pans

Our Thanksgiving Feast shot and some post dinner lego-ing


Grandpa tries to lure cats to the couch


Anya reads Grandma a Bedtime story!  Then cuddles with Uncle Beans.

The traditional holiday cornucopia is assembled from gathered autumnal debris

Rummikub is the Wiseman Family game of choice

Heading out to the Farmer's Market

Grandma & Grandpa bought the girls handmade outfits for their American Girl dolls

Some Christmas Llamas


As we were standing there, the butcher came and lead the little brown one away... (just kidding!)

It was a happy visit to the Farmer's Market.  Sasha also got a new scarf and Anya a knit hat!

Back at home, Grandpa enjoys dressing up Anya's doll in her new clothes! 


And dressing Jack Jack for the cold fall weather.

Beans plays with the kids

Grandma Fisher sent something in the mail!


Christmas Ornaments!  Cool!


Anya waits impatiently to be unleashed on the Chinese buffet

Back at the house, the girls sew Christmas stockings for their dolls, with help from Grandma.


Sasha gets to show off some of her new sewing skills

Grandma also bought them new sweatshirts!

The family photo!


Proud grandparents!

Cookie day and more climbing on Uncle Beans

The little fella got all tuckered out so the girls put him down for a nap.


A walk at the ocean for our last afternoon.


It was in the 70's.  Nice December 1st!


Picking out lunch at Mahi Mah's

Waiting for the food, which was yummy!

After we dropped off Grandma & Grandpa we took Uncle Beans for dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse.


We all had a great Holiday!  See you all again soon!  Maybe in the summer?


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