May 2014:  Spring Festival at School, School Dance Duds, Giant Rubber Ducky at the Chrysler Museum, First (and Probably Last) Day at the Beach, Godzilla!

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Anya shows off some barrettes from Grandma.  Sasha stretched the truth to get our house environmentally certified.


Sasha and Anya at the Spring Carnival at Sasha's school.

This was the biggest and best school carnival ever.

Food trucks and military IED demolitions demonstrations!


But first...  Mega Bouncers

Obstacle courses

Slide down and bash through


At the finish line.

Sasha clocks her soccer kicks


Up the big slide and down


Sasha's turn


Once more for both!

Sasha with the bomb disposal robots

This big one has enough power to drag a soldier with full body armor from the field

Here's Sasha driving the smaller faster one

The controller for this one is a modified X-Box controller.  No joke.

The bigger robot is driven using this larger more complicated control interface

Sasha caught on quick

disturbingly quick


OK, moving on.

Time to bowl for tickets


and throw them bones!

Baby needs a 9!


Anya's got hoop dreams!

I had to stop Anya on this wall before she just tagged her name across everyone's art.


Teachers in the dunk tank

Tattoos for yooze

Sasha bowls.  Anya heads for the cake walk.

She walks and scores!

One big blue cupcake!

Sasha shows off her tattoo

Next the lolly grab

Sasha closes her eyes and gets lucky!

At the volcano blast the kids use water blasters to knock balls off these stands

Sasha gets close and then uses some tickets to buy cotton candy.


Anya doing some Noodle Golfing

More leaps from the obstacle course


A fun day at the Spring Carnival


Back home after the carnival

Sasha with the moose she adopted at the carnival stuffed animal adoption center.

Some action shots and Anya with her adopted plushies.

For the school dance we assumed from the description of "glowing decorations" that there would be black lights.  
So using white duct tape we created this awesome outfit that would look amazing in black lights.

Unfortunately there were no black lights, but Sasha did win 2nd prize for her outfit!

At the re-opening of the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, the 40-foot sculpture, "Rubber Duck" by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

Thats one big ducky! 

In this first picture he looks even bigger!

The museum was closed by the time we arrived so we'll have to see what's new inside another time.


Our first real day at the beach


First some wildlife lessons with the ranger


Anya hears the ocean!  It might also be that giant body of water behind you!

The water is starting to warm up!

Good enough for splashing

and jumping

and sitting in the waves of the bay.

Sasha builds a fortress

Sasha and Anya reconnect with their beach buddy from last summer!

Back up at the ranger station, time for shell crafts.


 Everything is better with googlie eyes

Anya's creation

Sasha's owl?


Outside Kohls Department Store, Anya and I saw some geese parenting their nest of eggs.  Probably not the best place for a nest.

Sasha and Godzilla and I went to go see Godzilla the movie!  We all loved it!


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