March 2014: Comfort Corner Brunch, Goodbye Mattress, Fancy Pancakes, Disney Dresses, Sasha's Installation at The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Beach

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Sasha planned out and executed a fancy brunch restaurant at the beginning of the month.


The Comfort Corner menu.

She took our orders


Then made all the food by herself

Presentation was delightful.

A small dish of fresh fruit followed by a perfect little salad.


Holly has the cheese sandwich with side salad.

And then came the desert menu.  A wonderful meal.  Thanks Sasha!


Anya gets in her last bounces on Old Softey.


We upgraded to memory foam after we had trouble crawling out of the ruts we had slept into this old mattress.

Bouncy Video


Shamrock cakes

For St. Patricks Day!

Anya.  So proud of her cheese and cracker.

I was trying to take a picture of these shoes to sell on eBay but the cats wouldn't get out of the shot.  They think they're so great.


Sasha playing with the Droid

Anya models her Rapunzel Dress that we got her for our trip to Disney.


Sasha shows off the custom dress that we had made for her so that she could wear the impossible to find, 
pre-princess book-reading Belle dress from Beauty & The Beast.

Experiments with water, oil and food coloring

The droplet's eventually pass through the oil and explode.



All hail science!

While we re-watched Beauty & The Beast to get psyched for Disney, we ate rose shaped pancakes.

Beauties and the pancakes.

The Museum of Contemporary Art hosted a reception for all the artists chosen for this years student exhibit


Sasha checks out some of her contemporaries work.

Here she is beside her piece.  This was done as an homage to the winter scene work of Grandma Moses.


The director of the museum actually choose Sasha's work off the wall of the school one day during a random visit.

It was not actually created as a submission for the exhibition.  The director just asked that it be included!

Anya enjoys the Spongebob painting.

Holly and Sasha study her work


I thought this one was neat.

In the atrium there were cookies and snacks and punch

Dual clarinetists as the artists mingled.

We all await the opening remarks...

 ...  from the museum director and then the art director for the VB Public Schools

Sasha includes her contribution to this "living art" pile of paper bags.


Anya, one morning before school.

Our first day of the year at the beach

Water still too cold but the sand was warm

And the wind was perfect for kites.

Burying sister

Then flying their airfoil.


Here comes summer!


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