June 2014: Science!, Broken Alan, Grandma & Grandpa Fisher Visit, Anya's Kindergarten Graduation, The End of the School Year

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Anya Rocks Science while Sasha does some experiments out in the back yard.

Video: Astronomy with Anya

Here I am at home after the broken ankle on the couch where I would sit for the entire month of June.  MY first care package from Mom and Dad Fisher was a box of pralines and some pecan brittle!  Awesome.
Anya wrote me this note before school ended.  "Dear Dad, I love you dad.  I thak (think) your fut (foot) is OK."

For the full gory horror story click here: May 27 2014: Alan Breaks Ankle

Anya toils day and night trying desperately to find a cure for my broken ankle!

Video: Anya Gloves


Grandma and Grandpa Fisher arrive to help out.  
In an baffling and unnecessary act of sympathetic solidarity, Grandma immediately slashes her finger with a knife.

Shortly after Grandma arrives the house is littered with beaters that need to be licked.


Anya shows off some fancy new teeth she's been growing.

Grandma dazzles the children wit her "cupped cake" confections. 


Then with her other hand she whips up a Chilean dish for dinner.

Everybody wants to lick the cupcake bowl


Then we settle in for dinner and a viewing of The Incredibles!

Anya waits until everyone is distracted by the movie to steal some time on Sasha's Nintendo 3DS.

Father's Day!

And Grandfather's Day!

Cards for Alan and Grandpa

Anya made some nice cards at school and Sasha made one at home.


Sasha's card even had a dollar in it!   So "I could go buy myself something nice."


My cool anime style card from Sasha

Anya presents Grandpa with his card

With a nice portrait of Grandpa drawn inside.

Father's day breakfast.  For everyone except the fathers?

Sasha's teacher sent these pictures at the end of the school year.  That's Sasha on the first and last days of school this year.

5am!  Time to frost the cupcakes!

We have skilled child labor at our house.


And our sanitary conditions are second to none.

Anya leaving for school on Kindergarten Graduation day!


All the kindergarteners gathered on stage

Video: Songs 1

Singing their songs

Video: Songs 2

Anya is shy

Video: Songs 3

But the performance, like all kindergarten performances, is a triumph!


Making their way to their seats

Anya sits with her class and watches a presentation.  Video: Class PPT

Alan got a awesome spot way up front.  I knew this incredibly painful experience would have a silver lining!

Anya's kindergarten teacher Mrs. Mason.
Holly flirting with some crippled guy during the ceremony.

Time to be called to the stage for their diplomas.


Anya is now a kindergarten graduate!


Well...   Now now she is. 

Video: Graduation Walk Across Stage


As soon as the ceremony ended Mom and Holly ran over to be the first to get their pictures taken with me.

Next we got to hang out with Anya in her class

She showed us all kinds of stuff she had done all year.

Video: Classroom 1, Classroom 2, Classroom 3, Classroom 4

Posing with some of her pals.


Anya Rosi Wiseman:  Graduate.

Saying farewell to friends


Photo-bombing her own picture.

A photo with Daddy and then one with the rest of the family who didn't want to be seen with Daddy.

Gymnastics on the playground


The traditional end of the year parent/grandparent/child stare down competition

Anya takes to the white board to illustrate what she calls "Dad's Life." (aka: Dads Laf)
That would be me sitting on the couch with my leg propped up watching TV all day and night.

A end of the year Goodie Bag AND a Goodie Bucket!

Anya and Mrs. Ellis the teacher assistant.
Anya takes one last walk down the hall as a kindergartener.  
The Walk

Graduation Feast at the Chinese Japanese Buffet.

Like most people, you're barely focused on your life anymore. You're stressed all day long, worrying about how Alan's recovering from his broken ankle. You're asking yourself how can I help? Have I done enough? I've done some things, but I need to do more... My awesome friends, Chuck and Carrene, have found a way to solve this dilemma. The Fun Box! A simple everyday common box, delivered to my couch, overflowing with everything that I love! Thanks Chuck and Carrene for starting this happy love-stuffed trend!


Anya with her Spongebob graduation balloon.

Dressed up for the actual last day of school


It was a 1/2 day and they wanted to look pretty


Sasha's Teacher's end of the year class portrait.

Pool fools at Grandma & Grandpa's Hotel

Video: Swim 1

If there's a pool....

Video: Swim 2

They must play in it.

Video: Swim 3

Last day dinner at the Mexican Restaurant.

Video: Guac Station

It was decided that kids would go back to Michigan with their Grandparents. 


To spend the rest of the month with their cousins.  Anya says goodbye to her babies.

Thanks for coming to help Grandma and Grandpa!  Have a fun trip back to Michigan!


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