July 2014:  Little Fishers Return the Children to Virginia, Anya's Birthday, RiffTrax Sharknado, Sasha's Birthday, Holly & Alan's 20th Anniversary

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Lucy, Sylvie, Sasha & Anya.  Cousin pile.

Heading out to Trashmore.

Sasha shows off her home-made archery kit

From atop the hill, the Fishers observe the slaughter


Sasha targets a weak looking child downhill

At Chesapeake Bay

The kids 2nd trip to the beach this summer.

Floaty sisters

Sasha on the water

Sundown on the bay

Mark...  Beach man.

Nobody wants to get out of the water.

So everybody just stays in.

And poses for group pictures.

Beach boy.

Drip Dry Cousins.

Down the street at the park that claimed Alan's ankle.

Nerf arrows and stomp rockets

Setting up the rocket

Test launches

Sylvie takes aim.  The trick is to shoot the rocket out of the air with the Nerf arrow.

Lucy sends one into orbit.

The Rocketeers

Birthday Presents from Michigan!

Sasha opens hers first

A wooden dragon!

Anya opens a skinny one

It's Adventure Time!

Anya is excited about the art supplies

She is gonna color like crazy this summer.

Cousins at the Bouncehouse

Sasha pauses mid-boing!


Taking a nap in the megabouncer?

To stretch the birthdays, we opened 1 present every morning and another at night

For a few days

My Little Pony helicopter

This was a good morning present!

That evening, Anya opens a shirt from Sasha

Frozen!  Hurray!

Some awesome books!

And Build-a-Bear gift cards.  Yes!

Cards and cash.  Sweet!

Adventure Time Backpack!  That will look totally mathematical when school starts next month.

Anya, like your presents?  Yup.

At the Norfolk Botanical Gardens Water Park

Anya's Birthday tradition.

Heading over to the Rainbow Fountain.

Dashing back and forth.

Wet and dry.

Here and there.

Anya runs off for a solo splash

A bottom splish-splosion!

Stomping the little squirts.

Meanwhile...  back over at the Rainbow fountain.

Sasha seems to never leave this one

Wet sisters


Makenzie and Sasha: Buddies

The Splish-Splash Crew

Chewin on the suit

Sasha back in her fountain

Makenzie carries the birthday girl over to see a bunny!

A big fat tomato bug (hornworm).

Anya: Chinese Noodle Vacuum.


Parenting: Sometimes its hard to get kids to eat their vegetables. Other times its not.

More morning Birthday presents!  An Equestria Girl!

Later that night....

A new bed for her American Girl

Little Anya loves it!

Time to cash in some Build-a-Bear cards!


Pinky Pie!


Anya loves her Little Pony.

Between Anya & Sasha's birthdays, we gave them their big present!

A new laptop for their bedroom!  Now the most powerful laptop in the house belongs to a 6 and 10 year old.

Cuddle cats.

Sasha actually woke up early on her birthday and decorated the house


Jack-Jack managed the Reading Center

More decor and the Pin the Tail on the Pony game.

She even set up the kitchen table and the gift table


Professor Cupcake "helps"

Sasha saves Cupcake before disaster strikes with the flower vase.

Party time!

Sasha...  The First Avenger

Showing off her Shield/Frisbee

Sasha's birthday is also Holly & Alan's Anniversary!

Holly opens a card and present from Alan


Happy 20th Holly!   20 is the "Panda" Anniversary, right?


Pin the Pony time



...and Pin

Way off Anya.  Not even close!

Lasso Toss

Ring the Bottle

Holly loops one.

Anya goes Goth with Big Daddy's Cane

Birthday signage

For this game you have to dress stuffed animals

Blindfolded and in under a minute!

Anya does OK

Sasha, not so great

Alan's looks terrible

Holly, not much better

A tiny Pony Cake

Happy Birthday Sashi

Sasha wishes

After cake...  another present.

Maleficent Horns and Dixit


Awesome!  Game time!

A trip to Chuck-E-Cheese

For an un-official Birthday treat

Ben and Coleman target each other.  Dylan is now a card carrying cop.

Carter spins the wheel.  Sasha drops some cubes?

Holly chomps pizza.  Anya hits it big with the tickets.

Carter cashes in.  Sasha picks her prizes.

Cards and presents from Makenzie and Carter!

Anya with her swag

For our 20th Anniversary,  I took Holly out for a classy dinner. Here's our keepsake to remember the occasion.

Sasha and Alan got to go see the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 do a live Riff of the movie Sharknado!

Some pre-movie trivia

This was super-cool.  Next month we're gonna see the 1998 Godzilla get Riffed!

Sharknado 2 Pancake Breakfast!


 Sash opens her American Girl Bed.  This snaps together with Anya's to form bunk beds!

The next morning...

Dr. Hooves!

The next morning...


Emily The Strange Backpack.  Awesome!

Sasha eventually opened the rest of her presents

Emily shirt, water squirter, Gypsy Danger poster.

Sasha loves Pacific Rim

Last present was an awesome framed photo of the Mackinaw Bridge from the Rowlands!

Lastly, the card.  

Holly opens a Game of Thrones blanket.  For when Winter eventually comes.



Giggle sisters

Sasha heads out for one of our many, many trips to Build-a-Bear this month

Finally getting her precious Applejack Pony.

Bathing of the lamb.

First the power goes out while I'm in the chair at the dentist. Then I look up and these 2 creepy little girls are smiling at me from the darkened corridor.


Anya the human. Lookin hard. All tatted up and ready for Adventure Time! (She kinda looks like Arya on Game of Thrones)
Sasha used tinker toys and a build-a-bear shoe to create this lamb version of me on my crutches with my boot cast.

Anya tries to escape her Demonic Dark Father.

Cold Stone Iced Creams


with Gummi Bears!




Alan and Sasha watching Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy!


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