January 2014: Cats, New Years Eve, Holly Birthday Dinner, The Last Ride of the Lynnhaven Carousel, Godzilla Vs. Graham Cracker House, A Day at the Beach, Snowpocalypse I, The Box House, Snowpocalypse II: Revenge of Snowpocalypse

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Cuddle Cats


Sasha and Anya count down to 2014

The Ball Drops

Once again, the year changes!

Kisses and hugs

Happy New Year Mommy!

Holly's Birthday Dinner at PF Changs

Holly gets 2 dinners for her birthday!


Noodling around

The Last Ride of the Lynnhaven Carousel

For some reason the mall wanted to get rid of the old carousel.  It was not a popular decision in town.

We had a lot of fun rides here.


Goodbye Lucy!  (the solitary black horse that the kids would fight over.)

Remember the Graham Cracker house that Sasha built?  Featured in last month's photo spread?

Godzilla and Minilla (aka Baby Godzilla aka Godzilla Junior aka Godzuki) found it.

Then Mothra attacked!

Sasha photographed the resulting battle

At first the Kaiju just seemed curious


But eventually the battle leveled the structure

And the Graham Cracker house was destroyed

Godzilla smashed huge parts of the walls and Mothra crushed them.

This made Godzilla more angry

And even more destructive

Godzuki thought it was funny

Godzilla was not amused

Godzilla: King of the Monsters!

Sasha gets an advanced proficient grade on her Long Division Test!  Hurray!


It's January, so let's go have lunch down at the beach!


Some art while we wait

Then we skate!


Mid January on the boardwalk

Nice day in the high 60's.

Sasha skates hard

Nice wide open boardwalk

Thrash on Sasha!

Boardwalk Rockstar.


Anya on the playground

Pretty girls


Riding the wave


Just a perfect day


Anya test drives her new deck

We still have to customize and clean it up, but she's good to go.

Holly landing a sketchy varial

Riding into the sunset.

What the heck is this?

Less than 48 hours after we left the boardwalk, the schools were closed.  The city was shut down.  

The weatherman on channel 10, tie askew and covered in 16 hours of stress sweat, assured us that we "would get through this."

The 2 inches of snow, that almost covered the grass, nearly spelled the end of civilization as we know it (in Virginia Beach.)

Sasha shows how the water table was frozen solid.  Anya moves snow around the yard by frisbee.

Sasha gathers all the snow in the yard and builds a 4 inch tall snow barricade

In coalition with Canada, we were able to defend ourselves as society around us collapsed.

In the front yard Sasha built decoys to confuse the marauding gangs of post apocalyptic savages.

They served us well in the days that followed.


Anya packs snow munitions


Then both Anya and Sasha take a shot at the camera man.

Safe inside with smores and fancy chocolat chaud.  Then 2 days later, the snow was gone.

Sasha used some of her Christmas money to buy this giant bean bag chair.

But what she was most excited about...  was the box.


Some of the interior decorations

She literally sketched out architectural plans for this box and then tracked the highly anticipated delivery.


Rear Window.  Keeping an eye out.

A dorky domicile of fun!


4 Days after the snow melted.  It happened again.


This is the most snow we have ever seen in Virginia Beach.  Ever.


Holly's car is almost buried!

Remember when the whole city shut down when we got 2 inches that didn't even cover the grass?

Witness Snowpocalypse II: Revenge of Snowpocalypse!!!

This shut the city down for 3 days!  On the first day, literally nobody left the neighborhood.  
There was like one tire track on the road.  We cowered in our houses and hoped the outside world would send rescue. 

Sasha and Anya find a new use for the boogie boards we use at the beach.

But it was slow going

Until they lashed Daddy to the reigns.

Then it was a break-neck thrill ride around the yard.  Run fat man!  Run!


Snow Day!

Missing school after 1 day off, Sasha spends the next day building a classroom in the backyard.

She teaches snowmen how to read.


Once sentient, they turned on us and claimed dominion over the backyard.


On the 3rd day they pressured Sasha into constructing a gigantic snowman to lead their insurgence.

Sasha cautiously adds the final touches and then slowly backs safely into the house.


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