Halloween 2014: The Ghent Masquerade

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The Steamgirls Clockworking their way to the Ghent Masquerade

We got there just in time to make the registration.  They lost he one I did online a few days before.  Whew!  Close call!

2 minutes later the Judges Parade started.

Sasha makes some adjustments then they approach the judges table

Then it's over and we get to watch the rest of the parade.

Death approaches the Judges


 A crazy chef

Kip from Napoleon Dynamite and a street jester

A mermaid and a woman who did not want to be mistaken for Sully from Monsters Inc.

Kings Joffrey and Leonidas

Khal Drogo and a murderer

A costume inspired by a child's drawing and a huge Chewbacca

Maleficent and a professional skating duo 

Indian Jones and The Temple of Doom & Mary Poppins and Bert

The Candyland Family (My Faviorite!)

I was surprised they didn't win the group category


Some Wildlings

Best in Show winners The Three Blind Mice & The Peter Pan family

Golf Cart Guy and Wreck It Ralph

Wicked Witch and Dorothy and How to Train Your Dragon

The ladies of The Capital look for Peeta Mellark

Adventure Time and 80's Fitness Family

Beetlejuice Vs Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots

And a few of the pets.  An Alligator and a Scuba Dog


The Candyland Family

Steamgirls and Chewie

Holly waits for the results while the band plays on.

The crowd on the street


Steamgirl Key passes out some of her cards

Anya meets Beetlejuice and Sasha, The Ladies of the Capital.


Clock & Key win their category!  


A big basket full of candy and prizes


Hurray for the Steamgirls!

Back at home they check out their winnings


A $200 Glamour Gal Party for 4 at a local Spa!

Dinner for 4 at Noodles Company.  A $25 movie pass.  A dozen doughnuts.  Free Frozen Yogurt.  A mermaid to paint.


 And Anya's favorite...   A bucket of Dum Dum lollies!  That's about $300 in prizes!  Awesome job girls !!


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