February 2014: Dylan Party at the Aquarium, Spring Robins, Valentines Day, Carter Birthday, Mt Trashmore, Chesapeake Fun Forrest

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Doing Crafts at the Virginia Aquarium for Dylan's Birthday

Carter and Anya.  Not little babies anymore!


Anya by the waterfall

Examining habitats


With he Birthday Boy!


Anya takes some photos.  To see her pictures click here.

The Birthday Gang!

The boys all get eaten by a shark


Touching Rays


Waiting for cake?  Happy Birthday Dylan!

Saw the first Robin of Spring standing around out in the cold as the snow started.

Then I saw the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Robin of Spring too!


Cuddly plushy bouquets for Valentines Day!

I made these for the girls

Sasha opens hers before school

She liked it!


Anya was excited about hers too!


After school was also exciting

Sorting and comparing their haul from class Valentines.

Eating candy and sorting cards


They made out pretty good.

Carter had a Birthday dinner at Golden Corral

Here's all the kids before we set them loose on the buffet

Sasha munches all you can eat cotton candy, while Carter opens presents.


Before I got called to Michigan for a meeting, I played at the park with the girls.  Feb 23rd, 2014.  73 degrees.

Riding bikes around the lake a Trashmore.

Searching for feathers

Playing on the playground

A super fun day in Virginia Beach!

Then the next day I flew here, for work.  Why did we move away from Michigan again?

The next weekend I was back at the Fun Forrest with the kids in Chesapeake.  :)


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