Day 5: 
Disney's Hollywood Studios,
Downtown Disney, 
Magic Kingdom

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Although it seems like it, This was not actually Star Wars day!

This was our Star Wars Dine-In Galactic Breakfast back at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant.

Sort of an "Empire amuse bouche" before Star Wars day proper tomorrow.


So this is the same place we ate dinner the other night but now we get to watch Star Wars stuff and have visits to our table by Star Wars characters!

Greedo.  Despite reports to the contrary, visited first.  Then came yummy little baked goods!


"These are not the little girls we are looking for.  But we were told that a fat Hutt was dining at your table!"

"Luke...  I am your fruit salad."


The Star Wars Holiday Special.  Watching this and some of the trivia from it will serve us well tomorrow.  


 "Mmmmmmm?  Eat cantaloupe effigy of my head, do you?"

I had the Ackbar Surprise: Smoked Paprika-dusted shrimp, pan-seared and served with cheesy grits.
Holly had The Dune Sea: House-Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs, Wild Mushroom Potato Hash with multigrain toast slathered with goat cheese butter.

Vader had Imperial Delight: Caramelized banana-stuffed french toast with caramel sauce and strawberry compote.

The kids had Gamorrean Goodness: Puffed French Toast Sticks tossed in cinnamon and sugar and served with chocolate dipping sauce. Meal served with choice of greek yogurt parfait or seasonal fresh fruit.

The Troopers kept mistaking Sasha for Pricess Leia.  Taking her into custody every time they walked by.

Our waitress was awesome.  Took a lot of pics of us!


The Family that eats with the Empire... keeps with the Empire?


Finally too keep the Stormtrooper's off Sasha and Anya's back we just caved and hired Greedo.


The nice lady at the table next to us worked for Disney.  She gave the girls pins that they could make trade with the Jawas before we left!


After breakfast we left the park and headed over to Downtown Disney.  Essentially a bunch of stores and restaurants.  Kind of a cool outdoor Disney mall.

The reason we were here was the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!

The one in the Magic Kingdom was booked like a year in advance, so we had to go to this one.  
You can see by her face that Anya really enjoyed waiting in a store full of stuffed animals that we wouldn't let her have.

Ushered into the boutique...  More waiting.

Finally...  The transformation begins.


Fairy Godmothers turn all the little girls into princesses!

Anya decides she will be getting the deluxe treatment

The Full Bibbidi!

Sasha didn't want to go quite so girly.

She opted for a more "punk rock" princess.  A Rebel Princess.  

Anya's makeover is coming along nicely!

Feeling Princess-y?

Working on the little bun behind the crown


lots of hair spray

Sasha's Punk Princess gets started

First she has to separate all the hair into sections for later twisting


Anya get's the last few hairs in place

Time for makeup!

This is the part Anya loves most

She never gets to play with makeup

Eye Shadow and Lipstick Oh My!

A little blush

And finally a wand full of fairy dust


Glitter rain!

OK Princess.  Ready to see what you look like? 

Adding some face jewels


And the Princess Sash!

Spin the chair and.........  Princess Anya has arrived!


I think she likes it!


Dad captures the moment


Anya heads over to watch Sasha's transformation

The twisting has begun


Anya is mobbed by onlookers.  Smiles for the paparazzi!


Sasha gets her nails and hair done at the same time!

Double Fairy Godmothers!

Hello my sweet little princess doll


Sasha's twists take shape

Now for the Blue and Purple punk extensions!

Pinning in the new hair

And a wand full of fairy dust

A little spray to hold it all in place 

Time for the big reveal


Are you ready Sashi?

OK....   Close your eyes!


The chair spins and...  Ta da!  

Punk Belle gets her bow


Ready to Rock!

Signing the guest book while Alan pays everyone off.


Two beautiful principesse!  

Even better than Cinderella herself!


Posing with their favorite Ice Queen: Elsa


See this statue behind Sasha?  All made of Legos!


Same with this lake monster 

And these dwarves!

Even Woody, Buzz and RC


It's Legos!

Alan poses by what he hopes will be his Christmas present.  The Simpsons Lego House!

Lego Hulk Smash Sasha, but Holly Hulk Fight Back!

Another Buzz and Woody!  LIfesize!

Look what I made!

Lego Death Star.  Star Wars Day is close.  I can feel it's presense.


OK, girls.  Time for Daddy's reward for the day!

Crab on the riverboat!


3 Kinds of crab all cracked and fed to us by the waiter!  That.  Was.  Awesome!

Sasha orders a "grail of sorbet."


Uh Oh.  The day is only half done!  That was just lunch!

Catching the Monorail back to The Magic Kingdom!

From the train of the future to the train of the past!

All aboard!

Sasha's is on her way to actually meet Princess Belle!


Outside Gaston's Tavern.  What a jerk that Gaston is!  

Me? The wife of that boorish, brainless...

Madame Gaston,
can't you just see it?
Madame Gaston,
his little wife.
No, sir, not me
I guarantee it.
I want much more then this provincial life.

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere
I want it more then life can tell
and for once it might be grand
to have someone understand
I want so much more then they've got planned


Inside the Beast's Castle

First we are greeted by The Wardrobe

Who assigns the children their parts and hands out props

Then Belle enters and Lumiere tells the tale

While the children act out the story

It was very fun

Sasha was the Puppy Foot Stool and Anya was The Dishes!

Everybody did their part

Finally Belle and The Beast fell in Love!

And everyone lived happily ever after.

Belle and Sasha take their bow.

One more hug from her favorite Princess

A few more shots taken by Dad from the wings.

Belle Meets Rapunzel

Anya did great!


Back outside with the Beast's castle in the background.

Anya wants one more ride with Daddy on Space Mountain!


Sasha wants to ride the Astro Orbiter

You have to take an elevator just to get up to this ride!

Pretty brave for Sasha!  Nice flying space cadet!

THe Buzz Lightyear ride is kinda like the Toy Story ride but with lasers and not quite as fun.  You can steer the pod though!

Finally, we ended this day with a show at the Monster's Inc. Laugh Factory and Comedy Club.


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