December 2014: Painted Kitchen, Sasha Christmas Concert, Christmas Tree, Anya Christmas Concert, Winter Carnival of Nations, Colonial Feast

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Here's a few shots of the new blue kitchen and hall.  Marvel at the blueness!

Sasha Tone Chimes 1 video

Sasha Tone Chimes 2 video

Sasha playing Tone Chimes.  They are really cool and have a very calming and adorable sound.


The orchestra does their bit.

Sasha, in the role of "Hanukkah Child"

Sasha Chorus 1 video

Sasha Chorus 2 video

Singing Sasha

Anya enjoys the show

Sasha front and center for her solo

This show was funny in that it went way way way out of the way to be inclusive.


There were no traditional holiday songs but Kwanza, Jewish and "Mexican" Christmas all got a song!

Decorating the tree

We got it up kind of late in the year but it looked nice

New location in the middle of the dining room


The Decoration Gang!

This year's new decorations sent by Grandma Fisher!

The Christmas program at Anya's school

Orchestra, chorus, and Trip Hop Techno-Rave!


Rather than having the little first graders sing.  
Each class did choreographed dance numbers.  We saw the ravers above, the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer dancers and then...

Anya's class doing a James Brown number called Soul Child

James Brown Christmas Video

That was obviously my funky favorite.

Then for the grand finale they did a big medley with all the kids and chorus combined.

Concert Finale 1

Concert Finale 2


After the program we went back to Anya's class

She showed off her Steampunk Turkey from Thanksgiving

...and Sasha got to visit her old classroom.  Great show Anya!

Sasha cuddled up with her baby quilt

Sasha dressed up as Belle for character day during spirit week and proof that a careless Spideman goes to Anya's School


The Winter Festival at Sasha's school

This year the theme was Christmas around the world

Each station was manned by people from the country represented.

This was my favorite gift basket in the silent auction (someone bought it immediately).

Sasha makes bookmarks in the Philippines

Ornaments in Ukraine

The Italians liked Anya


While Sasha liked the Mango lasse and samosa bar in India

Japan and Bulgaria

The day ended with the silent auction.  Sasha bid on and then defended a Fairy basket against counter-offers.

Anya models the Fairy basket winnings back at home


A static electric day at Trashmore

Giant projected snowflakes at the mall


Anya and Alan make Lego Robots

The colonial Feast at Sasha's school

It was a massive tasting buffet

There were all kinds of authentic colonial cuisine

There were all kinds of new tastes

And the kids were surprisingly game to try new foods!

Here's my contribution.  A porridge type grits gruel called Nasaump


Stone ground flint cornmeal




crushed hazelnuts


Maple syrup


At first the kids were leery of it

But I would let them know that the main ingredients were fresh berries, maple syrup and lots of sugar.

After that most everybody tried some

Sasha's class arrives

Right next to my dish was freeze dried okra stalks.  I told the kids they were dried and dismembered alien fingers

The colonials were in constant fear of alien invasion but considered the alien fingers a delicacy. 

Most of the kids came back for seconds and thirds!

Sasha, your plate runneth over.


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