Tidewater Comicon 2014

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Steamgirl Sasha poses for a few shots on the way to the Con

Ready for her big debut!

Where is Anya?  For those wondering, Anya did no go to Comicon because it was just too long of a day and she never would have made it.
Sasha and I got there at 9am and walked the floor all day until the judging was done and winners were announced at 5pm.

Posing with a line zombie pal we met waiting for our VIP badges.  Magneto keeps order.

The line.  I've seen estimates today that say there were over 6000 people in attendance.  This was the first Tidewater Comicon.

Deadpool & Harley Quinn and a great Rogue



Cap and The Winter Soldier

Steamgirl arrives!

Sasha and Spidey!


Alan and the Ghostbusters!  Velma & Harley.


Starlord and Nick Fury take turns hanging with Steamgirl

Elder Scrolls, Joker and Harley, and Storm.


Steamgirl with Sailor Jupiter and then waiting in line to be the first to meet Joel Hodgson!


We got to meet and chat with Joel from Mystery Science Theater 3000!  
And later in the day we attended a Q&A panel where Sasha and I both got to ask him questions!

Sasha gets a custom sketch done

Steamgirl as a werewolf!

The tiny Dr. Who was very popular!


The line to enter the Cosplay contest

Zelda & Link and a bunch of Whovians

Thor and Steamgirl...  a mighty duo

Deadpools faceoff.  The soon to be award winning Elder Scroll.

Running into the Governor on the escalator is always kinda spooky.  Zatanna & Zatanna.

After meeting Steamgirl, this couple asked if I made custom costumes that they could buy.  

Nacho Libre

Lots more supers


Catwoman and Steamgirl

Clowns, gamers and the Ladies of Batman

One of Sasha's friends from school.  Deadpool and Harley.

Justice League and Lady Predator


I took this pic for my brother.  This GI Joe Aircraft Carrier!

Alan was crazy excited to see Twisty from American Horror Story: Freak Show.  
This was a super scary and super impressive costume since the show and the character only started 2 weeks ago!
The second photo is a super obscure character from the MST3K episode Manos named Torgo.  


Mandalorians.  Batman buys something from Bane's booth.

More of Sasha's friends from school.

A Transformer Dynobot and Hank McCoy

Steamgirl and Twilight Sparkle.  Cap and the Winter Soldier.


Sasha impresses some kids with her anime drawing skills.  Vader lays some force on Superman.

Lady Starlord.  


Judge Dredd and DR. Who cross paths.


Vader and Dredd square off.


Rockem Sockem Robots!

Harley, Spider and Bat Girls


Classic Wolverine takes a snick at Steamgirl


Steamgirl gets Spirited Away.  Magneto & Black Widow.  Spidey.

Batman Bat-texting.  Another group of Avengers!

The Virginia Ghost Busters!

Dr. Who and The Ladies of Who?  Starlord and Cap.

The Watchmen and Tina from Bob's Burgers

The Cornhole board raffles.

These were super nice custom painted boards.

Steamgirl Clock wins the kids category in the Cosplay Contest!


The crowd goes wild!

Sasha gets her $100 in cash counted out Let's Make a Deal style!

Classic Wolverine wins for his category

As does this Captain America.  Wonder Woman in Evening Gown.

Judge Dredd and the Elder Scrolls take their prizes

Southpark Kyle from the Stick of Truth and group goes to the Game of Thrones with Prince Oberyn Martell.

Lady Predator takes her prize too!


All the Cosplay Winners!

On the way out Sasha gets another custom sketch of her as Steamgirl by comic artist Todd Webb.


The Bat Family were also award winners.  We caught them on the way out.

We had a super great time at the Tidewater Comicon. 


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