August 2014: Water Park, Build-a-Bear, Sasha New School Tour, Beach Day at the Bay, Sasha Class Meet & Greet, Family Yacht, Toy Sale, Riff Trax Godzilla, Duck Donuts, 1980's Arcade Day, Anya Class Meet & Greet, Coucoon: New Hair Salon

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Anya pull an "all nighter" even though 1st grade doesn't start for another month

Water park for Coleman's birthday

SAsha and Anya brave some of the slides

Vested and ready

Slide races

Dylan scoots a solo

Log flume

Slide pirates

Float on kids... Float on!

Anya enjoys her buoyancy

Gathering at the top

For a triple race with Carter

Dylan, Sasha & Makenzie

Anya: Post splishy-splash

Tromping around in Daddy's boots


Sasha notices Hillary has adopted "Sasha-style" necklaces!  (Not sure that demographic is gonna help in 2016.)

The kids burn off their final credits at Build-a-Bear

Teddys and Bunnies

Who's photographing the photographers?  Anya!

Sasha and Anya on a tour of Sasha's new school

Her old school is being torn down to build a new Super-School

So for the next few years all the gifted kids will be borrowing this old middle school.


Family Fun Day!

Our first official family trip to the beach for Summer 2014

Alan takes his first shaky steps onto the sand

Sasha enjoys the beach breeze

Diggin' holes 

Taunting the ocean


Anya readies herself for some skim boarding

Sasha accompanies Alan back from a walk to the car

She might need to carry me if I fall again

Anya buries my foot to "protect it"

Sculpting sand

Tossed in the pit

A park ranger brings out the nets

But it's too choppy today to catch anything (except this giant tanker.)

And a Jelly Fish


The next week Sasha is invited back to see her actual classroom

Ready to meet her teachers for the year.

Holly and Sasha on the Diag

Meeting and greeting

Mixing and mingling

Wandering and wondering?

Sasha is ready for school!

Back to the beach the next weekend to finally christen the family yacht

Sasha actually got this for Christmas!

Row, Row, Row your boat Sasha!

When the rowing gets tough, bail out and walk it back to the beach.

Doggy paddling

Bay buddies

Waboba ball.  Sasha's getting better at throwing.

The second voyage of the Explorer 100

The Tiny Ship was Lost.  (Just kidding)

Against all teachings of the Toy Story movies, we decided to have an old Toy Sale.

Sasha was raising money for her PETA donation.

They were super excited to sell stuff.

I made them some flippy signs for promotion to flag down passerby.

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys did a live riff of the 1998 Godzilla film starring Matthew Broderick.

Some of the funny title cards before the show

More funny

It was a great show.  Super funny!

A new donut shop from the Outer Banks of N.C.  The line outside this shop wraps around the building all weekend.


You request the toppings and they add them right as the donut comes off the line.  
They are very expensive but not very yummy.  But it was fun to try them.

The kids saw a small arcade the week before, I decided if we were gonna spend the money we might as well do it right.


So I took them to the biggest arcade in the area

It has all the new games and the ticket games (which are like Vegas for kids.)

But the real draw (for me) was the real vintage 1980's cabinets.

Video games that only cost a quarter (a real quarter, not a token!)

Back when games had no purpose.  Just play until it speeds up too fast for you to play.

The older kids liked playing the old games... But Anya wandered over to giant Doodle Jump.  Something more familiar to her.


Sasha and Demarco take a shot at House of the Dead 2 (a blast from Jeff Rowland and Alan's Celebration Cinema days in Lansing.)

Eventually they gravitated back to the ticket games.

In the end they had to have their rubber snakes and Chinese finger traps.

Anya arrives at her classroom meet & greet.

We requested that Anya get the same first grade teacher that Sasha had.

Anya is excited for first grade!

Sasha's stylist moved to a super posh salon called Coucoon.  This little dog named Lady sits there and judges everybody.  
Here's Sasha before the haircut.  I forgot to take one after.  You'll see it next month!


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