April 2014: Dare Ritual, Alan's Birthday, Anya at the Beach, Fun Forrest, Science Lab, Kenzie Birthday Laser Tag, Anya Loses First Tooth

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Sasha and her classmates pledge allegiance to DARE.

Sasha builds a weird temple for google-eye ball dump truck drivers.

Using decorations from past parties...

...The kids festoon the house while I'm sleeping in for my 43rd birthday.

Games are thought up


streamers hung

presents displayed


Sasha: Party Organizer



Playing Anya's Carnival game (you win pennies!)

Then Sasha's "Pin the Crown on the Pig"

Birdie bowling


Trying to teach Professor Cupcake how to play Birdie Top-It

Playing the game

My cuties

Present time!

Anya knows Daddy needs Chip Clips!  Pralines from The Fishers, my annual favorite treat!

Fear of Spiders and Love of Zombies...  Someone knows me well.

Custom card and mini Walking Dead walkers!

Cupcakes!  Hurray!

The singing of the birthday song

I wish... I had more cupcakes!

Birthday Dinner at the Japanese Grill




My Tuesday Lunch at School with Anya

Free Donut day at Krispy Kreme!

While Holly and Sasha are at an evening Pool Party, Alan and Anya head down to the beach

Anya runs down to the shore

Then Monkees her way back away from the waves

Video:  Mocking the Waves

Attack of the birds

Attack of the Anya

A beautiful April Sunset

D'marco moved


But we found him, and took him to the Fun Forrest

For the Geology Science Lab I got to teach the "Breaking Bad" Station

The kids file in for the Science Lab

Cooking up some crystal

Igneous volcanic rock

Learning how the size of crystals is dependent on how fast or slow they cool.

Sasha.  I blinded her with Science (and some molten hot crystals, it was a terrible and sad accident....  Just kidding!)

Anya: Laser Commando

Stalking her prey at Laser Tag

I don't know where she picked it up, but her tactical prowess was impressive.  She would approach corners with care and clear all blind spots, then drop to a crouch stance when she had a target in range.

Here she is "Eliminating" her sister.

They teamed up for a few minutes

Anya and Carter face off.  Will the best friends survive?

No way!  It's Laser Tag.  Anya even shoots her spotter (me) who is wearing her light vest.


Finally she found a good sniper position where she could rain laser death from above.

The birthday girl gets blasted


With a roll of toilet paper attached to the end of a leaf blower.  Neato.


Some collateral damage.  Friendly fire.


The party room

We want cake!  Where's our cake!

Cupcakes for all

Anya takes one last look before the plunge

Kenzie opens her present


Happy 12th Birthday Kenzie!

Anya lost her first tooth!  And the Tooth Fairy gave her a gold dollar!


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